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liver enzymes

I am a recovering alcoholic. For years when I was drinking my liver enzyme levels were SLIGHTLY elevated but when I would quit, they would return to normal. This time I quit is the longest time I have been sober in 20 years. My last blood test showed two of the enzyme readings WAY out of tollerance. The enzyme names didn't stick with me but one was over 400(norm is 40) and the other was over 100 (norm also 40). I also experienced some bleeding with my bowel movement this morning. Any ideas?
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There have been studies that suggest that once chronic alcohol consumption stops, the liver kinda goes into shock because it's been dealing with the toxin for so long. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis a few weeks *after* I stopped drinking but it's not as if the symptoms weren't there. The doctors I've talked to say that you need about 6-9 months of sobriety to tell if/how well your liver will recover. I would suggest getting retested in a few weeks (and staying sober) to see if they've gone down at all by then (they often do.) I am very fortunate in that more than a year and a half of being sober, my numbers are *still* improving.

The bleeding could be a number of fairly benign things, but any significant quantity (ie more than some streaks here and there) would be something to bring to a GI doctor.

Take care!
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