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lower abdominal pain

I have had lower abdominal pains on the right side for three weeks, comes and goes.  Thought it was hernia or appendix, doc checks and dismisses both and says a colonoscopy would be in order if the pain continues.  Now my stomach is gurgling like crazy and producing gas.  I had IBS years ago and that was due to stress and I did'nt relize it until the doc made me list all the changes that were going on in my life.  I just want to know what is going on, I'm suppose to leave the country for three weeks and don't want to continue to worrying what is the problem.
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It can be relapse of IBS. Any stress, event, diet change, new drug...recently? It is characteristic for IBS: pain trigered by meal, and relieved by having bowel movement, switching between diarrhea/constipation, no blood in the stool, no major change in stool color, no weight loss.

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Did your doctor check your kidneys?  I had similar pain and turned out to be a nasty kidney infection.  
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