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lower left quadrant

I am a 65 year old woman who is a breast cancer survivor of almost 9 years.  During my life I have had off and on issues with constipation, or other IBS symptoms, but these always temporary and manageable.  About 7 months ago I began to have difficult bowel movements; constipation and very large, long and difficult to pass stools.  After about 30 minute uphill hike in the mountains (about one day later), I woke up with very painful back spasms in my lower back on the left side.  Whenever I've had back issues in the past, they would last a few days and then pass.  Well, I felt relief in a few days, but then it came back, and I noticed this kept happening.  The pain never went completely away, but would be tolerable, then I would wake up and couldn't walk, spend a day or two in bed, and then start getting by again.  I went to the doctor of course, and was being treated for lower back spasms by my orthopedic guy, and began generalized physical therapy for lower back pain.  THrough all of this, I began to also notice that the pain was also down the left side of my buttocks, and often seemed to bore a hole from the lower back (top of pelvic area) through to the front of my body.  I began researching the psoas muscle and pelvic floor problems, but I continued to feel there was also a component that was gastrointestinal.  One weekend when I was feeling better I went to my granddaughter's birthday party and during the day ate watermelon and pizza in the evening, which have never caused issues in the past, but the next day, I woke up and could not walk.  I don't believe I did anything that would have re-strained my back that day.  I started to research IBS symptoms and decided to eat only soluable fiber, eliminating anything with seed, skins, etc.  (All my favorite fruits and veggies).  Over time, the attacks that laid me up stopped happening, but the lower back pain was still there.  I continued treatments with a new physical therapist and massage therapist, and by September, I was able to return to teaching.  (I teach dance.)  I am very careful about what I eat, but I notice now when I try to add back foods like cooked veggies that contain insoluable fiber, (I do it sparingly), I will become constipated again, and feel pain in the lower left side of my buttocks.  Sometimes the lower back pain reappears for a day or so, but usually it is tolerable and I can work through it.  When I went to see my gastro doctor last summer, his physicians assistant examined me and said that because the pain was in my lower back and side, it was most likely not related to gastric issues and so did not pursue that route.  Well, here I am a half a year later, and am still not eating tomatoes, strawberries, nuts, seeds, peas, corn, etc....a slew of veggies that I know are important for me.  I can tolerate broccoli in moderation, but am afraid to try normal amounts of any of these kinds of foods.  I had about 2 tablespoons of hummus last night, with chips, and feel a moderate pain in that psoas/left hip area.  What could this be?  Why might it have happened?  Should I be concerned about cancer?  The pain did go away completely from late September to about early December when it returns slightly if I overdo lifting, or I eat the wrong foods.  Help!
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It sounds like your body is telling you what you can can not eat. The pizza did you in for a bit so no more pizza. I recommend that you research veggie recipes. The more you can eat the better.
I have had very bad stomach issues for years and my daughter who is a vegan, finally got me to start eliminating certain foods and adding in other good foods. I can really tell a big difference. If I eat tomatoes, drink coffee or have anything greasy my body will react and it's not a good reaction.
To be on the safe side I do recommend that you have a colonascopy.
Try to eat as raw as possible. I don't think it was the hummus that effected you but the chips.
It also might be a good idea to see a chiropractor. If your spine is out of alignment it can effect every part of your body.
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