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lower pain in abdomen, back and butt

Last Tuesday, I woke up and i had horrible what felt like gas or constipation (i had been eating alot of cheese, nachos), so i went to the bathroom....but all day, i had like diaherrea. I had never had it before, so i didnt know what to expect. Well around 2pm that day, it looked like i was pooping out blood, not runny in the water, but it was red, not brown. So i went to the dr and he said i need to see a GI dr. Well thats this next Thursday. But...i have had low abdomen pains and lower back pains and my butt hurts....like the tailbone area. It aches and i have cramps all over all the time. I havent had blood in my stool, its been normal since that day. But i dont know what these pains are. I have kidney cancer before and they removed my right kidney. I did have my yearly CT scan in July and everything was fine. I did start my period on the 15th, and i thought maybe, i had Endometriosis, but i dont know. I am 24 and my kidney cancer was when i was 19. I am a hypocondriac, and maybe i was thinking all the stress and worry is what is causing this, but i have never been in this ache and pain before. I have read, IBS, Chrons Diesease, Colon and Ovarian Cancer and everything else. Alot of people tell me, it could be hemorroids or lack of fiber. I dont know, but im worrying myself sick. If you have any idea or any clue what it might be, i would appreciaite it. Everytime i type in, Lower abdomen, lower back and butt pain, nothing really comes up, other than pregnancy stuff, and im not pregnant!!! Thanks, Rachel

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You don't sound like a hypochondriac to me.  It sounds like you have been through a lot. I googled "Vagus nerve and lower abdominal pain" and there are several websites listed.  I checked the very first one and it has a lot of related information and it made some reference to renal colic. Anyway, I hope they are helpful to you.  Good luck and keep us posted.
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You do need a thorough exam of your colon due to the change in bowel habits and blood for sure.  You may want to ask your GP to arrange an abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound as well to give you peace of mind that you don't have any ovarian cysts or issues in that area that are affecting this.  Good luck.
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