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lower right abdominal pain

Hi, I've had lower right abdominal pain since October 17 with excessive bouts of diarhea-about 6 times a day. I've been to the er 4 times , but all blood and stool tests are normal. The GI doc ordered a hida scan on Monday. They gave morphine to make it contract which sent me back in the er for excrutiating pain. The test came out normal though. I just talked to the GI nurse and she said there's not much else to do since the blood and stool tests were normal. If they are normal, why am I still having this pain? I'm so frustrated and feel they're not taking me seriously. HELP
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I had the EXACT same symptoms, only with some additional ones, like vomiting, for 6 months, before they got well, what I am hoping was the answer. I had a HIDA scan as well, only mine came back abnormal, but I find it odd that with mine they also had to administer morphine because my gall bladder would not show up on the scan until they did, and I was told that my gallbladder was only functioning at 3%. So I assumed by this that, that was the reason my gallbladder would not show up, and that they had to give me the morphine, but I am not a doctor, so I honestly am not sure. Have you been seen by a gastroenterologist? I had a bunch of tests to see if I had anything going on with my intestines before I had my HIDA scan, and I was told that lower abdominal pain is not common when you have problems with your gall bladder. I would suggest maybe having them do a, oh so fun, colonoscopy or upper endoscopy to see if maybe you could have ulcers or other problems with your intestines. Good Luck, and I hope you get an answer much more quickly than I did.
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I have a lot of your problems.  Why haven't you seen a gastroenterologist?  Mine has saved my life.  But my opion is you need to see one.
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I know this is not very nice to ask, but What does the diarrhea look like?  I know it is unpleasent.  I am going in for a lower GI Tuesday.  Mine is watery and grainey.
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thanks all for the replies. The gastro doc ordered the hida scan. I called him back and asked for more tests since i'm still not well. I go Friday for another test. The diarrhea is watery with a film on top, and happens when I eat or right after I eat, then off and on throughout the day. Ugh!!
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