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lower right quadrant abdominal pain

Around almost 3 years ago now I suddenly had an onset of left side abdominal pain, just left of the bellybutton. It would usually start up at night and not let up for a couple days at the least. I was tested with an upper endoscopy and upper GI series, both were normal. The pain persisted so I got a CT scan as well as an MRI done and a colonoscopy. and loads of blood work. Again everything came back normal. A year or so later I was given a capsule endoscopy and they thought they saw something in the photos it took so I was referred to a doctor to do a double balloon enteroscopy retrograde. Unfortunately this too came back normal and afterwards I had moderate lower right side abdominal pain. The pain was pretty intense for a few days after the procedure and eventually subsides, but since then til now it had come back at random points, lasting anywhere from minutes to hours and in some cases a day or longer. The pain is very sensitive to the touch when it is present and makes my entire stomach radiate with pain when pressed. Since then I have received another CT scan of both the pelvis and the abdomen and they both came back normal. However I was having no pain at the time of the tests.

I am wondering if there could be something causing this pain that would not show up on a scan because it was not acting up at the time? also, is there something that could have happened from the double balloon enteroscopy that is causing this pain?

Doctors bills are piling up and I'm afraid that if there were any complications from the double balloon the doctor might just be overconfident or trying to cover it up. Is there any way I have chronic appendicitis that is coming and going? The pain is usually in the area of the appendix.

Also as a side note, I had right side testicular pain that started up around the same time the abdominal pain started years back. Not sure if this is related as the pains seem to happen usually at different intervals.
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I have read the following online in regards to double-balloon enteroscopy:

"Common side-effects after a DBE include:

• Sore throat
• Abdominal bloating
• Nausea
• Minor bleeding

These are usually mild and resolve within 12 to 24 hours.

The following complications have rarely been reported with DBE:

• Perforation
• Major bleeding
• Pancreatitis"

As for chronic issues with the appendix, according to wikipedia, it's called 'rumbling appendicitis' -

"Rumbling appendicitis is a name for chronic appendicitis. Exhibited symptoms can vary from a mild pain to a severe pain as in acute appendicitis; however, patients do not usually experience vomiting, fever, or gastritis. A rumbling appendix is inflamed, but not infected; hence, there is no need for emergency surgery. The pain associated with a rumbling appendix is usually restricted to the lower right abdomen, but sometimes shifts or extends to the upper right abdomen. Rumbling appendicitis can be treated, if diagnosed correctly. If feverish symptoms develop, it is essential that the patient is admitted to hospital immediately."  

As we all know, a ruptured appendix can be potentially fatal.
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Thank for your reply. I have been researching a lot myself but haven't seen that rumbling appendix bit. I'll have to ask my doctor about it next time I see him as it's getting insanely annoying. Thanks again.
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Hope you get it figured. It would be nice to hear back once you do.
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