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lower stomach pain

I have these horrible lower stomach pains.  Sometimes on the left,  sometimes on the right.  I can feel a little ball on the right all the time,  when the pain is there,  it seems larger & it hurts.  On the left there is also a ball,  but when it doesn't hurt,  I can't feel the ball.  I have had a CT scan at the ER,  they said they saw nothing wrong.  I think I have a double hernia,  (I do heavy work).  I am female,  have had all the usual,  (Ovarian ultrasound,  HIDA scan,  etc..) Nothing.  This pain is horrible when it comes on.  It never comes on when I am off work sitting around the house,  only when I am up walking around & bending & doing stuff.  Is it possible that a CT scan can miss a hernia?  This is awful,  it is ruining my life & the doctors are giving me pills for IBS,  which I am pretty sure is not the problem.  I mean,  if you can feel a lump,  something must be there,  I am thinking.
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Before this makes it off to the next page,  never to be seen again...Please anyone who knows something?  I am having a hard time argueing with my gastro because he says if it was a hernia it should have showed up on the CT. It wasn't hurting at the time of the CT.  I went in with bad pains,  but by the time they actually got to me & did the CT it had mellowed out.  Is it possible that the hernia had gone back in & so it didn't show up?  I think it can be missed,  has anyone ever had a CT scan that missed a problem?
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