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lump in thorat

I have a lump in my thorat and it is strssing me out . It started about 3 weeks ago, first I filt a burning in my thoart I went to the Rx got something for aide reflux I had to take the medication for 14 days after the 14 days there was no more bruning but I started felling this lump when swallow, now it's there all the time .  I stop smoking 2 month ago and I was wondering if that had anything to do with it.

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I am going to bet that you have the same thing my ENT diagnosed me with.  It is a type of acid reflux that affects the throat and voice box, and the only symptom I have is a lump in my throat.  So you can research it, the name is laryngopharyngeal reflux.  I am on 40mg of Prilosec twice a day, an hour before breakfast and dinner.  I still have the lump in my throat, so I am assuming at my next ENT appt he will be sending me for an endoscopy.
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I have had the lump in the throat feeling for approx 5 weeks now.   I am trying my best to not let it drive me crazy. I finally went to an ENT doctor and she told me it was acid reflux.  I was shocked, because I have no other symptoms.  I do not eat spicy foods, I rarely have burning or indegestion.  She said it could be brought on by smoking and drinking coke.  She put me on medicine.  I am going to try on of the cures I found on this site... Apple cider vinegar, baking soda, water solution; or just a plain apple before bed.  I do not like taking medicine daily. The cost with insurance is $25. a month for the nexium.
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