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lump in throat

Hello everyone. Has anyone experienced sudden onset of "lump in throat" symptoms? About 2 weeks ago I had a feeling of something stuck on the right side of my throat. Sometimes it is more noticable then other times but it has not gone away. I ahve been having a lot of belching along with this. I figure I must be swallowing a lot of air trying to get rid of the lump feeling. I have not had any heartburn. Should I make an appt. with a ENT or GI Dr. or is there something else I could try to make it go away. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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hard to say.  do you have problems with indigestion?  you could have acid reflux, which can cause you to feel like you have a lump in your throat.
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It might be stress.  If you have had a fever, even a low grade (99.0), you should see your doctor.
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I have had a little indigestion just because I'm uncomfortable in my stomach. I have not had any heartburn or fever that I am aware of. I sometimes have a cold feeling in my throat. Anybody have that symptom and if so, what caused it? I'm wondering if I might have a hiatal hernia (my Mom and sister have one)or maybe a gall bladder problem. What are the symptoms of a gall bladder attack?
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you would be going through a lot if you had gallbladder problems. Lump in throat is not a symptom. Your gallbladder is below your liver and causes serious effects if not right. I'm not sure about the hiatal hernia though
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i noticed a lump in my throat about a month ago and it stuck around for about 2 weeks then it went away and a day ago it started again. it's only on my left side and it feels like some itchy small lump that won't go down. i keep swallowing but it's just stuck there. i do have acid reflux but it hasn't really done that before. any info will help. and thank you in advance
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I see I'm not alone in this area. When this 1st happened I was eating some cheese sticks and it felt like some of the cheese got stuck in my throat. Ever since then, I have noticed this feeling. I nevewr have this feeling unless I'm eating solid foods. When I eat soft foods or drink any type of liquids, I never have this feeling. I've had the Barium swallow test, the camera ran down my throat, and X-rays. Everything has came back normal. I don't know if it's in my head or if something is really stuck in my throat. I DO have a lot of nasal drainage. I have been dignosed with GERD and I take protonix for the GERD and regulin (a throat/muscle relaxer). Nothing has seemed to work. If anyone can offer any advice on what to do next, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I have the exact same problem.  I start to notice the lump in my throat regardless of whether or not I have recently eaten.  I feel compelled to belch frequently and not just when I try to swallow the "lump".  Sometimes the belching leads to hiccups.  It's very uncomfortable and just started out of the blue about a month ago.  I was taking antibiotics at the time for sinusitis & thought maybe it was a side effect of the medication.  I have been off of the med for 2 weeks and still suffer.  I have no idea if sinus drainage has anything to do with it or if in my case, it could have something to do with a benign tumor I have on my thyroid (possibly getting bigger?).  Regardless, I am going to make a drs. appt & feel like if it is bothersome enough to seek online advice,  you should consider doing the same.
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Hello, you mentioned you were on antibiotics. Do you know the name of the antibiotics you were taking?
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