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lump on my baby

i had a baby  girl 11 weeks today, 3 weeks ago a lump appeared infront of her right ear and has started to grow on her left too since then it has gotten alot bigger. iv brought her to the doc's and to pediatritions but iv been told they cant do anythin that its going to grow alot bigger ther has to be something can anyone help
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Ky, do you have a name for the growth?
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i was told it is twisted blood vessels..
im getting her to see a specialist im waitin for an app
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yes thats the name of it. i know they wont do anything about it until she's older, its on both sides of her head and its lik the inside of her ear is closing, its also connected to her (bottom) lip its very purple and looks lik it hangs a bit. i need to know if ther is anythin i can do or if it wil effect her hearing or anythin
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Ky_xxx, it probably won't affect her hearing, per se, but it's a question that you should ask your doc about it. It's not like eyesight where if you close an eye for a critical period the 'sight center' in the brain doesn't form correctly and even if the eye is uncovered later, it remains blind for all practical purposes. Hearing in that ear may be very muffled, however.

The one thing to talk to the doc about and make sure is that there are no vascular abnormalities with the rest of her system - in the head, neck or chest. Abnormalities can occur with hemangiomas, not in a large percentage of cases, but it does need to be considered. I know it sounds drastic, but you may want to ask the doc about the advisability of doing an arteriogram. And please don't let him/her brush you off. It is a concern in some cases.

Other than that, at this point there is nothing you can do. It's a condition that is problematic in some people's eyes, but it can be corrected. You need to make sure that you find docs that you're very comfortable with so that in the future when surgery can be done you and she will be happy with the results.

They may be able to do small portions of it earlier so that she's not so self-conscious as she matures or is around other children. But it's a very delicate surgery and it has to be done by the 'very best.'
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