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male and feel sick every morning

im a 19 year old male and everytime i wake up i have stomach pains and have to go to the bathroom imediatlly the stomach pains often wake me up also. i had a stomach surgery christmas day 2011 they moved my colone, bowles and took out my appendix the doctors said i was born with those organs in the wrong places. it has been 2 years and i have not gained weight just losing it and the doctors dont know why. even if i think about food in the mornings i feel nasious but i cant afford Not to eat. i smoke weed everyday and i find it helps me stomach foods and gives me an appetite but the doctors suggest i quit but i find its the only thing that helps? i start feeling better as the day progresses and by the time dinner comes i eat fine and have a large appetite please help i just want to feel better. my younger brother was also diagnosed with chrons and collitus last year but doctors said i dont haveit. HELP!
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Hi, Weed or cannabis can cause psychosis, anxiety and depression. It can also cause lung, head and neck cancers. It can affect the metabolism of other medications. It could causing your symptoms and your doctors are right. With these adverse effects why do you continue to abuse recreational drugs. You may need to consult your psychiatrist to wean away from this. Regards.
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