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many problems, need help

i am currently 25 years old. i have been having problems relating to the digestive system for about 4 years now. there have been bumps here and there, but it has always been a day to day concern of what was going to happen. at the begining of 2010, most everything i ate started to bother me, forcing me to stick with only 1 or 2 things i could eat, which still caused discomfort for several straight months. after one colonoscopy/endoscopy, lower bowel series, ultrasound, and alot of blood work, one GI tried to pass it off as being IBS, so needless to say, i fired him.....after a short time, i found another GI, he immediately suggested a biliary scan (test gall-bladder function using nuclear medicine) so i did, and it came back with only 17% operation, so in August of 2010, the GB came out. a few months past feeling much better and actually gaining some weight back, but then it all came back again. i can now eat better than before, and am holding a stable weight, but i constantly get lower and upper abdominal pain. i have since then had another colonoscopy/endoscopy, as well as a capsule test. dr. told me i had trace amounts of parasites, and prescribed me antibiotics for it. i have been off of the antibiotics for a few months now. i was also told that my vitamin D was very low, so i was also prescribed 50,000iu of vitamin D once a week for 4 weeks and am now taking One A Day Men's to keep vitamin D in me. i still as bad if not worse than i did and i can't go on like this anymore on a day to day basis. can anybody out there please give me an answer?
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I wish you healing very soon.
I'm not a doctor or any related, but i read much in health issues.

It seems you really have parasites and your food and vitamins go to those monsters. By the end you got very little from your food. and also you got the waste of those parasites.

I don't recommend you take antibiotics as they kill good bacteria those responsible for digestion too when killed it adds to the problem and that what makes you feel terribly.

Some natural ways to kill parasites are
1- put a table spoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and leave it overnight. In the morning the first thing you eat is the fenugreek and make sure you drink the water too. Repeat for 7 days.
2- horse radish juice is very effective with parasites too. Juice a horse radish and drink with very little sea salt for 4 days.

Best of health
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I'm beginning to believe all this stuff about parasites. There are medications for parasites, but antibiotics won't help unless your doctor thinks you have developed a secondary infection. Try the natural treatment and maybe you should ask about the possibility of a fungus. Dig into the research community and find a doctor who is willing to take lots of blood tests and other cultures. Most doctors simply prescribe pills.You need a good diagnostician. Best of luck, and health!
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thank you both for your comments. its has been a thought in the back of my mind that maybe the parasites are not yet gone. perhaps i will try one of these other home remedies that you speak of...i have also thought about introducing probiotics into my system to replenish what good bacteria i have already lost. anybody have experience using these?

also, as another side note, for the past few years, i have cut all dairy out of my diet, as well as alcohol, soda, and most anything else carbonated. and for a little family history, my brother has had crohns disease for 15 years now. i have been tested in every which way to ensure that i do not have it, so thankfully that is not the issue
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