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melting gallstones

Hi. I`m to have surgery on the 17th to remove my gallbladder. I am not really looking forward to that and I would rather do something to get rid of the stones without surgery. I have one 15mm and multiple >5mm. I heard about some medication that can dissolve them(ursodiol,ursofalk,rowachol,etc) but none of the doctors that saw me said anything about that. My family medic said that if I can manage the pain I should keep the gallbladder and the surgeon said that I should remove it as soon as possible(duh). That's when I made the appointment.
I am aware that if I don't remove them one or more can go down and stuck, causing pancreatitis, which is bad; but from my ultrasound scan the doctor there said the duct is small(3mm) and the stones are pretty big, so I don't see that possible.
The last time I had an gallbladder attack (on the night of the 5th this month) they kept me 6 days in the hospital because they thought that I have hepatitis(transaminases were high, I think 100x or 1000x I'm not sure). I only had 4 attacks so far, 2 small and 2 big, ending in the hospital 2 times.

So my question is If there is a way to melt the buggers. I tries some "Globe Artichoke" tea for one month because I heard that helps, but the big stone went from 13 to 15... so that didn't help very much.

Thanks, and please answer me if you know, because I`m terrified of the possible post op complications that can appear.
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