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mild, right-side stomach pain

I’m having this mild, wave-like pain on the right side of my stomach. The pain is so mild that you can practically ignore it the whole day. But the mild pain is annoying especially when you are about to go to bed in the evening or waking up in the morning.

I did see a doctor yesterday since this is a re-occurring event that happened 4-5 months ago (which the pain did go away by itself in a day). But he dismissed me immediately because of lack of symptoms and asked me to return in 3 days for it to mature, which is tomorrow.

I don’t blame my doctor because it’s not that serious. Except the mild pain, I don’t have any fever, vomiting, changes in my urine/vowel and urine/vowel movements and others. It’s just this mild, pain. I thought it will go by the end of the day yesterday but it happened again today.

If it helps, I’m always watching my diet and balancing it (right level of almost everything – fat, sugar, protein, etc…) everyday. I don’t smoke cigarette, drink alcohols (except for some RARE occasion), does illegal drugs and under any medication. I don’t have other health problems either. To put it simple, I am physically healthy except this mild pain on my right-side stomach.

Am I missing something here? I just done a research in the internet (even in post archive here) and didn’t find any similar case to mine which resulted me to register.

Hope I will be lightened with my situation…
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