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mild gastroparesis and constant pain

I was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis.

The result of my gastric emptying study showed that my stomach emptied the solid food (scrambled eggs) in 165 minutes, which is a little slower than normal.

My GI told me that I have mild gastroparesis so it's not bad.

But is it normal to have constant pain with mild gastroparesis?  

Well....she doesn't know how I got gastroparesis and pain all the time. But since I have mild one, she told me not to take any medicine but try to follow the nutrition guidline for 2 months and see how I'm going to do.

But I'm in pain all the time and I sometimes can't sleep w/o any medicine.

And other than the pain in the left upper abdominal area all the time, I sometimes get pain in my shoulders, front and back. So I told her about that. Well...she answered that people who have GERD sometimes get shoulder pain. But I told her that the gastric emptying test result showed that I don't have GERD so what she was saying didn't make sense.

Well, before I had the test, because I had pain in my shoulders, I took CT scans for pancreatitis but the results came negative. And also I took an ultrasound and a HIDA scan for gallstone and gallbladder disorder but the result came negative. And before these tests, I was thought that I had ulcer so I had an endoscopy and the result came out negative.  And I was tested for H.pylori and the result came positive and I took antibiotics ( first I took prev-pac...but the side effects were so bad that I lost conscious so I was switched to Pylera and took that for 10 days).

Anyway, I've been having this upper abdominal pain since the beginning of May. It's been three months. I was pretty happy that after I finished taking the antibiotics for H.pylori, my symptoms, especially gas and belching, went away but I still have the upper abdominal pain. I really don't know why I'm in pain all the time with mild gastroparesis. Is that normal? Or is it possible that there is something else causing the pain?

I've lost 20lb in three months with mild gastroparesis. I'm a 35-year-old female, 5 feet tall, weigh 84 lb.

And other than gastroparesis, I have small syrinx from T3 to T9, mild scoliosis, bulging disc at L4, costochondritis, and mild osteoarthritis in my right ankle.  

And I am going to take MRI tests for thoracic and cervical spine to check if my syrinx has been enlarged. Basically the tests are to check whether the syrinx is the cause of gastroparesis.

But anyway, at this point, nobody knows the cause of gastroparesis and my question is: is it normal to have pain ALL THE TIME  with mild gastroparesis?  

(I can't really have solid food much because of the pain...and what I can have is usually liquid stuff....)
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I am in similar situation. It has been 5 years since your comment but I am curious what you have found out about corellation of syrinx and gastrparesis.
I hope you feel better by now - please contact me

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