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my throat

i found out awhile back that i have thyroid problems. an just the other day my throat feels like theres sumthin stuck in it when i swallow my bf thinks its my thyroid but other people said its my allergys. me i wish i knew cause its buggin me.
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You don't say what problems you have with your thyroid, but I do know that difficulty swallowing can be a sign of a thyroid problem.  I would contact your Endocrinologist and see if it is related.  I truly don't think it's allergies.
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it *could* be allergies..lots of medicines that people have allergies too do get a gagging throat closing type situation...could be GERD or some reflux problem as well.  You could *try* short term ant-acid like tums without laying down just to see if there's any improvement but a good person to see would be a GI specialist and ask your family doctor if thyroid could be a problem and to do blood tests for it.  If you just started a new medicine of some time that could be the culprit or something you're allergic too might have caused this (without knowing what you're allergic to)  a GI specialist is probably best.

Good luck though that doesn't sound fun :S
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