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nausea and vomitting with right upper quadrant pain

to whom it may concern,
I have been having right upper quadrant pain with nausea and vomiting for the past 10 months. i have had ct scans that were normal and iv'e been in the hospital many times. im just wondering even anyone would know what this is, the pain keeps me up at night and i could hardly function at work without the pain becoming very sharp. i have been to drs and they don't know what it is im in tears while writing this the pain is so sharp and it really hurts i just want answers.
any help would be appreciated
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Hi, I dont have any answers for you but i want you to know that you are not alone, Im living with terrible pain in my URQ for pushing 3 yrs now, all tests are saying Im fine but I swear Im not fine, NOT FINE, Im in pain every day and night of my life, I dont throw up but the nausea is off and on and never ending-also after the pain was there for 2 yrs my chest started hurting as well, now it literally hurts everytime I breathe in, if I breathe in hard I will actually jump with pain. My life is good, I have a happy family, great husband who has stuck by me even though Im not joy to be around anymore, no unhappiness EXCEPT this pain -it never takes a frikin day off ever, and being in constant pain makes my nerves bad and my patience less with my 3 yr old, which  makes me really feel bad-
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Did you get a check for gallstones? You didn't mention it but you seem to be exhibiting classic symptoms. Have it checked. That's all I can suggest.
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Yeah.... getting a Hida test for your gallbladder would help too. But get an ultra sound first. Even possibly ur pancreas IF u r a heavy drinker
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Definately get tested with Hida Scan, Ultra Sound, Blood Tests - etc. See a Gastrointestinal Specialist. I went through 3 years of testing to find out what was wrong with me but it was worth it. Don't be afraid to seek a second opinion! Pain would make anyone's life hard at times. Hang in there & don't give up!
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