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new pain on left side

Hello. I am a 40 year old woman, not overweight.  I don't smoke or drink, and I take good care of myself.  For over five years now, I've had on and off pain only on the left side of my abdomen.  It is mainly on the upper side under my rib cage and can also wrap around to the back.  Sometimes when I tense my stomach muscle and push on it where the pain is, it hurts, but not too bad. I had an abdominal ultrasound in January of 2006, and in August-September 2009, I had several doctors appointments related to the same issue. I was finally referred to have a colonoscopy in October 2009 which showed mild diverticulities, even though the symptoms I have are not the same as what I've read about the disease.  At this point, I'm not exactly sure where to turn, so any helpful advice, suggestions, or opinions would be helpful. Thanks a lot.
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Well, even though it is mild, he diverticulitis can definately be the culprit, as it is usually a left side issue, However, the area you describe can also be tied to what is commonly referred to as Splenic Fixture Syndrome. This area is troubling for alot of people, mostly IBS sufferers, but really anyone, as there is a bend there in the colon and air/gas can get trapped there and cause pain there, which also wraps around to the back. I get this every now and then, and can literally feel the bubbles if I push hard enough(Although too much poking and proding is never good!!!)
Anyway, google that and see if it sounds familiar to the issues your having. Since you just had a colonoscopy, I cant imagine the issue being anything other than changing symptoms of diverticulitis, or the Splenic Fixture Syndrome. Hope this helps
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Well, sometime I feel some pain there and it really get so worse and I find it very difficult to overcome this as, It sometime happens during the night sleep.I will consult with the doc on this issue.


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