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nissan wrap

My son is a 20 year old special needs person.He had a nissan wrap around 12 years ago due to chronic reflux.He also had a mic-key button placed at the same time.We found out over a year ago his wrap has slipped.He was having excessive vomiting.He got better for a while,but now the gagging has come back,and occasional vomiting.He takes 60 milligrams of prevacid a day.GI says it is reflux.Speech pathology says hypersensitivity due to tube feeding.He cannot speak,or hear,so we are really not sure which diagnosis is right,or if it is a combination of both.My question is,is the chronic gagging,especially during a bowel movement common with a nissan slipping,or should we explore other possibilities?I appreciate any input.Thanks so much,N8smom
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