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oral medications not working

I have had gastroparesis for the last 4 years. I have had a J-tube for the last 3 years. I have been taking my medications through the J-tube because they werent working orally. I just had my J-tube removed and oral medications arent working again. Is this all in my head or is there a medical reason for this. I cant find any information on the internet and really need some answers. Please help
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Kavamer, what meds are you taking that don't seem to be working? Are you speaking about meds for gastroparesis or other medications?
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To answer your questions about what meds are not working by mouth. It's all my meds that arent working, my pain, sleeping, and anxiety meds arent working. I have been taking my meds through my J tube for the last 3 years because of this problem. But my family dr. wanted my tubes out, so I thought I should try it. I thought maybe it was all in my head that the meds didnt work in my stomach. Thanks for answering my post.
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