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pain/heat on middle right abdomen area


wondering if anyone can help, im in my early 30s, have had this problem for a few years, just has worsened then before.I get a burning kind of pain in the middle right of my abdomen area its in the top right area of where the large colon area is, also get bloating too. It makes it worse alot of times if i sleep on the right side so i sleep on the left, i have noticed oats make it worse and if i walk or exercise it eases the symptoms, somtimes giving me relief fully. i dont feel its related to gas.

have been successfully treated with a deodnum ulcer, so i know what that feels like, ive been tested for wheat allergy thats neg. i dont have colon cancer in my direct family but i have a cousin who sufferes from it.

drs had done a few blood tests and a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy which only looks at the first part of the large intestine (left).

i have had blood in stools when i had a deudnum ulcer with black tarry stools which i no longer have after treatment. Also i somtimes have diarrhea somtimes its fine, somtimes they are thin pencil like stools, i can say i feel its chronic diarrhea that ive suffered too most of my life, it could be due to a nervous stomach or some kind of food intolerance? i also had been dianosed with fatty liver, which has been fine after losing alittle weight and correcting the diet alittle.

would you suggest i have a full colon scopy? what are te best imaging techniques to veiw the upper right large colon other then the colon scopy?

thank you
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You can have a scan done, but a colonoscopy is more accurate and it will give you peace of mind after it's over.  I have had over 7 of them in my life.  The drug you, you'll feel lovely and wont feel a thing.  The prep is the worst.  
You may have U colitis, Ibd, ibs, or even Crohn's.  People with Crohn's live on the toilet.    
I am on the SCD diet and it's helped tremendously.... Diet does matter.  If you want any more feedback or diet  info, mail me.  

Feel better bye bye
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thanks for the reply im just very worried thinking it might be a cancer as my cousin had a cancerous polyp removed, what kind of scan do they do as in whats the scan procedure called ?

yeah a colonscopy is probably the best option ive had the flexi one where they look into the forst portion of the large intestine the prep was horrible and its a simular prep the procedure was whilst awake without rugs and wasnt as bad at all.

so best way is to get a colon scopy, i will try for this,
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