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pain in bottom of left rib

hello..im a 30 yr old woman..i have been diagnosted with GERD and Gastritis about 10 years ago...2 yrs ago i started getting a sharp stabbing pain in the bottom of my left rib.....(if you put the center of your right palm in the pit of your stomach, right where your pointer finger rests is where the pain is ) Ive been told its from gas, ive been told its from not drinking enough....the pain went away for about a year and is now back...i do have gas and flatunce with the pain and i usually have to make a bowel movement around when the pain is present...........Can anyone help me ????? PLEASE these pains make my panic disorder worse so i really need some help
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Is your bloating related to dairy products or fruits?
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Was there any specified reason for the gastritis? Are you currently under any medications? What medication have you taken in that time in order to assist you?
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