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pain in lower left side/back

Hi ,
I am a healthy 36 yr old woman. I have been experiencing SEVERE mid to lower pain in my back and side.
this pain comes with an excessive amount of belching, and sometimes accompanied by or following pain in right side of abdomen "gallbladder" I have been tested for all gallbladder problems, all negative. I have had "attacks" most recent 1 week ago after eating some greasy food.
today I haven't eaten anything out of line. I am in a lot of pain in my back it is the same location everytime.  What could this be? Should I seek care like ASAP? Like emergency room? Is is my pancreas? How can I tell?
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It sounds like it could be pancreatitis. Im no docotor but the pain you describe, is a lot like mine and I have chronic pancreatits. Would be a good idea to have that checked out.
With the pancreas you can have pain worsened with eating anything. Fatty foods are really not good for the pancrease.
If the pain is severe and especially if you have a fever with it, and or vomiting. Yes, it would be a good idea to go to the emergency.
If not , then at least see a doctor soon and ask about the pancreas.
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