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pain in lower right abdomen from eating popcorn

Lower right abdominal discomfort (soreness) radiating to right hip area

Three weeks ago, I ate a huge bowl of popcorn. I began to have a lot of soreness right afterwards in the area of the colon near the ileocecal valve and the appendix area. I have been very careful with my diet since then, in hopes the injured area would heal, but there is still a fullness/soreness and sometimes aching in that area which radiates to my right hip. The discomfort is more pronounced when I have eaten and before a bowel movement.

Is it possible that the gravel-like chewed popcorn scraped my colon and it will take some time to heal?  I don't understand why the right hip would start having soreness as well.

My bowel movements are normal, although I do get gas rather easily.  There is no blood in the stool and I have no temperature, nausea or loss of appetite.  Spicey foods are very irritating to that area, so I stick with soups and softer foods.

I am 70 years old and have not had a colonoscopy since turning 50.  What would you recommend my next step be?  Should I have a colonoscopy (assuming I can get through the prep), or should some other screening be done first?   Thanks for your help.
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Hi there,

I used to be a big popcorn fanatic-- having it every night, in large quantities, and I ended up with the same issues. I worried it might be serious and have many of the same symptoms you listed, but it turned out just to be a bad case of constipation. I may have torn a little bit of the lining in my colon/intestine, but that was the worst of it, and it healed very quickly after passing all the stool in my intestine. My suggestion is to take a mild laxative  for the next day or two, cut out the fibrous foods for now, and drink plenty of warm fluids which relaxes the bowel and helps move things along.
If you are worried about any intestinal damage, pick up Lily of the Desert's Aloe Vera Gel, which can be found at most health food stores. Either drink it alone, mixed with juice or water, and it will coat and soothe the intestinal walls as well as heal any cuts or scrapes.
All the best,
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Thanks, Brittany, for your suggestions.
My bowels have moved regularly during this time, but I am feeling better and the worst of the discomfort has gone away.  I was able to read a long thread of people who had the same problem as we've had, and most had had a battery of tests done, but nothing was usually found. As you suggested, I have been drinking aloe vera juice from the beginning and I also have been taking "Food Enzymes" and "Intestinal Soothe & Build" by Nature's Sunshine, and have been drinking warm tea with chamomile and peppermint in it.  Plus I have really watched my diet and stayed away from fresh veggies, fruits and spicey food.  I guess it has all helped to soothe the lining of my large intestine. But like you, I will not be eating popcorn anymore.

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