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pain in rib cage

approximately one month ago, i awoke with pain in my upper rib cage area.  it was approximately in the area under my breast closer to the middle.  it was severe enough to require pain meds.  as it did not go away after two weeks, i went to my gp.  she ordered a ultrasound to check for gallstones and anything on the liver.  the test came back showing nothing.  since then, the pain has moved away from the middle and closer to the right side.  it is can range from mild to pretty severe pain.  the best way for me to describe it, is like i got hit really really hard in the rib cage and this is how it would feel afterwards.  only, i was not hit - what should i do now?  what other type of test can the doctor order since the ultrasound came back negative.  i know the pain is there for a reason, so i don't want to ignore it, but no one seems to know what it is?  any advice is much appreciated.
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Did you have any tests to check your heart? If not, you may want to do that as a precaution. If that is ok, then see a gastroenterologist. I've had the pressure in my chest as you describe. I've have several problems causing the pains. The first was with my gallbladder a couple of years ago. I didn't have stones but after a hida scan my gallbladder was found to not be functioning properly.

But most recently I was getting the pressure in the middle of my chest and my ribs were very sore. I also was starting to have trouble swallowing and would get hoarse after eating. I went to a gastro doc and he did and EGD. I have chronic gastritis, a hiatal hernia and GERD. He put me on a couple of meds, it took a while but it seems to be working.

So, I would suggest seeing a gastroenterologist. Good luck and feel better!

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i forgot to mention in my original post that it is in the far right side.  don't think it's the heart.  it really feels like i've been kicked in the ribs and this is how it would feel the next day.  very confusing??  does a doctor answer us on this post?  it's my first time posting.
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I have this also...it is terrible. I have also swelling in stomach and stomach pain, severe constipation too. I just had gallbladder ultrasound and upper GI with small bowel follow thru a few days ago. Waiting to talk to doc regarding results, appt on aug 11.
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I am recovering from this also, it has all the Hall marks of a Gall Bladder Attack but I have heard there has been a virus infection going round CA I live there , I have been trying to check this out on Google , it is extremely painful and one could easily go to the ER thinking you had gallstones and it was serious, maybe it hasnt been reported yet because it is comparetivly new virus If I find out more I will post my findings, at the time it started I was alo taking Anti Histimines for Hives,I stopped the Hydroxyzine as I had heard that could als trigger a Virus infection.
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Ok, so it's on your right side under your ribs? Do you feel it more after you eat? I know you said you had an ultrasound but you could be having gallbladder problems without gallstones. My ultrasound came out normal too but I still had the pain. Finally I went for a HIDA Scan and it showed that my gallbladder was not functioning properly and had it removed.
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