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pain/movement from LEFT RIB CAGE (LOWER)

Date: 20-Nov-2017
Was glad to searched and found these comments in the net as i was curious having the same issue experiencing a squeezed pain in my LEFT RIB CAGE LOWER DOWN MY BREAST i guess for more than 1 year now (im a female 30 y/o as of 2017) and it occurs occasionally. I feel like there is a bump suddenly squeezed near my rib cage and it will move up-down or left-right, it occurs whenever i lean down or bend my body and when i try to stretch out I had to quickly stand still or just be like a statue and help myself to re align it and slowly getting the squeezed pain to loosen up.. I noticed that if i move suddenly fast or bending in whatever direction it triggers the movement/pain in the left rib cage and i can really feel a movement of something with a severe pain and had to deal with it by myself (if am alone) taking minutes to figure out or wait until the bump will move back to its place.
I wanted this pain to stop at all and never occur whenever am alone coz am kinda worried no one to help out if it turns/feel a hard pain,
when any member of my family is around and this pain attacked me I really wanted to call his/her out and barely showing the movement of the bump in the left rib cage (under/below my breast) happening visible in my skin and relatively put their hand on the bump making them feel the real movement of it (with squeezed pain).
And sometimes i also feel the pinching pain after eating..
Sometimes i am ridiculously thinking that my vital organs either such the spleen, liver, gall bladder whatever organ near my left rib cage are the one moving...  I hope to find cure on this.. or any helpful testimonials out there…
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