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painfull shoulder

im also having a realy painfull shoulder its on the top of my shoulder and is there all the time and im having shooting pains in the back of my neck and wen i move my head it feels like its crunching cud this be related 2 me having gallstones 2
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Yes, shoulder pain can be related to gallstones.
I don't think neck pain is really related to gallstones.  That may be due to tight muscles in your neck.
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should get checked out-might be rotator cuff or pinched nerve in your neck
or a combo. i had similar and they found herniated disk @c5  and
torn rotator cuff. gfo to primary and see if need referral to a GOOD (i cannot
stress that enough-it took a year before i found my good doc) ortho. if
that's what they find, of course!! be well and best luck!!
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