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pale stool, possible pancreatitis?

Background info: I am a 30 year old female with no history of kidney issues. I had several UTI's as a child, but none since elementary school. I am overweight, have hypothyroidism, and PCOS.

I originally posted this in the kidney forum, as my family doctor felt I may have a kidney stone. However, I visited a urologist today who does not feel that I have a kidney stone and prescribed antibiotics for a possible urinary tract infection. However, I am still experiencing intermittent left side pain and have had three bowel movements today that were narrow and gray (almost colorless). I am concerned that this may be a sign of pancreatic problems, but I don't want to overreact. How many of these type of bowel movements should I have before I call the doctor. Is this an emergency? (no fever, chill, etc.) The history of my symptoms is below:

For a little over a year, i have been experiencing what I thought was just an anxiety symptom. I will urinate and then, by the time I have wiped and am pulling my pants up, I feel like I have to go again, but nothing comes out (maybe a drop or two). I do this up to 3 times. This doesn't happen all the time, but usually about 1x day. In the fall, I began having intermittent pains in my left side that I can only describe as similar to a stitch in your side that you get after running. It is either under my left rib or behind my ribs on the left side. This would happen 1-2 x month. I was evaluated by my family doc in November and he thought it was a muscle strain. 10 days ago, I began having these "episodes" all day. My side would have a dull ache all day and would be a sharp pain any time I took a deep breath or laughed. Out of the 10 days, 7 were pretty bad and the others were less so. The last day that it was really bad was on Monday. The doctor found microscopic hematuria and I have what he described as a lump that he can feel in my back below the ribcage. It hurts when he pressed there and in front under my ribs. He sent me for a CT scan to check for kidney stones and this came back normal and no signs of infection were found in the urine. I am supposed to go back in a week for another urinalysis to check for blood. Since I saw the doctor, I have been passing white pieces of tissue in my urine intermittently. These range in size from a speck to about the size of a dime. They are white, except for one was pink and white. I am not on my period, but it is due in the next week or so. However, I have never passed tissue on my period except for on the day it starts and it is usually gray and red in color. The past two days, I have had some lightheadedness and fatigue. I have also gotten short of breath when doing housework (putting away dishes and laundry).

Thank you for your help.
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The presence of grayish stools may be an indication of biliary issues. Bile is the stuff that 'colors' the fecal material it's usual brown color. Bile is released as a yellowy-green color, but when it's worked on by the enzymes of the digestive system it turns brown. If bile isn't being released properly, the fecal material is not colored brown - it's gray or whitish in color.

Call your doc about this issue.
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ok you sound like me, i have multiple health issues , have a urodynamic test urologist checks your flow i have a child sz bladder i'm 43 i also have nerve damage which makes me ppp all the time . i'm on cardura for spastic bladder, drink lemon water all day or lemonade ,  helps keep kidney stones down stop dairy and cheese and greasy foods , it makes calcium stones, , now i would dare think you have a sluggish gallbladder search this term , now referred pain is gallbladder shoulder pain , now you can have a stone blocking your duct soo. walmart has digestive enzymes look for ingred amelyase lipase protease this is the enzymes your lacking if you have gut trouble... its a dietary enzyme stop eatting greasy fried fatty foods dairy see if you feel better eat yougurt live cultures for intestines,  with all the antibiotic you probalaby are making more problems  you could have diverticulitis or losis  which means no more SEEDS popcorn i have IBS with fast metabolism  i eat and dump in 15 min as a norm  i also have sluggish thyroid so try some of these tips been there done that just had my colonoscopy yesterday  diverticulosis is prominenet and i am dumping again so i have to start up my enzymes again
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