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pancreatic fluid discharge

My husband was exceptionally ill with pancreatitis for 7 months which is better now.  He has, however, a hole (which no longer has a drain) in his abdomen that contstantly drains fluid.  None of the doctors we have seen nor the best medical supply place we have here can offer any suggestion as to what he should do to contain the fluid other than cover it with gauze and tape.  Over time the tape has worn down and irritated the skin and since we cannot find gauze more absorbant that commercial brands the fluid often seeps through, wetting his shirt, etc.  I can't feel comfortable with this....I don't understand exactly what the fluid it...but the fact that it is from inside his body seems the fluid should not be distributed around the house, the gym he goes to, etc. etc. He is not particularly caring about this but I think it is a health issue and would like suggestions as to how to keep the drainage hole clearer, more contained, etc.  There must be some materials that can help with this...and I would greatly, greatly, appreciate your help.  Thank you.  Karen
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The hole has to be closed - it doesn't seem normally to me to keep it open and cover it. He is risking a life threatening infection of abdominal cavity (peritonitis), so he should solve this right away. I guess you should ask at the place where they inserted the catheter in - they should know, what to do.
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Thank you for corroborating my feelings...the surgeon here and his gp have said it needs to remain open for the fluid to drain from a fistula that developed during the pancreatitis.  Initially, there was a drain but that broke and they said to leave it open until the draining stops but, at least instinctively, it seems there have to be other ways to go and we're just not finding it.  As you said re infection...yes!....he's already been on antibiotics for one infection caused by the opening.  I'm going to try to get an appointment at UCSF but in the meantime it seems there must be more absorbant gauze (or some substance) he could use.  Thank you again for your comment and interest.  Karen
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If it has to be open, the catheter should be used, I guess. Maybe you just call to some hospital to gastrointestinal department, say what was diagnosis, what was complication (ascites?) and what to do after catether was removed. Even a nurse that deal with this kind of problems daily, can guide you where to ask for help.
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