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My brother is suffering from "pancreatitis ". Before suffering this test, he was having "jandice". As Jandice was not coming to control then, he admitted to hospital. There they did few diagnosis like endoscope. After this he is started heavy stomac pain and also breatging problem. Then he moved to "Gastroenterology" special hospital, there confirmed that , he is having pancreatitis.

There he admitted in hospital for a two weeks and then doctor suggested him to take water and juice. Then after he week again he started seeing heavy stomac pain and breathing problem.

Now he is in MICU and they did CT scan and found that there water is collected in stomac and it created infection.

Now doctors removing water from stomac.

But I would like to know that from how it has moved from  Jandis to pancreatis.

Please help me.. I am not able to understand doctors diagnosis...

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