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pancreatitis and inflammation in intestinal tract

Please someone get back to me as I've had chronic pancreatitis since 2006.  I recently went in for an anterior discectomy on c3/c4 and day after had my husband lift me out of bed because I couldn't get up and I felt a bone move out of place in lower neck and pain up left side of neck to the ears (ears closed and a "shhh" sound) and then I felt glove-like effect in both my wrists and my brain shook and my vision got distorted.  I was feeling needles and pins in my head and one day woke up with burning to the back of my lower head (I know that was nerve damage).  And then everything went wrong, I started to have trouble swallowing, pains down both arms and numbness to the tips of my fingers, underarm pit in back of upper arms and forearm pain.  I started to get burning on my tongue with everything I ate and pain to my the ribcage by my stomach and stomach.  I started to frequently move my bowels after everything I ate and started losing weight and was not getting the nourishment I should get, my brain or head didn't feel right, bad feeling in both my arms like I wasn't going to make it.  Dum doctor said I had no restrictions and could sleep in a bed, but to get out you have to twist your body and I was not suppose to twist my body.  They never showed me what to do before I got out of the hospital.  No instructions to sleep on a recliner.  To make a long story short, I was sick from Dec 4, 2013 until July 26, 2014.  Because my brain shook, the MRI showed intensified lights and 20 more traumas to my brain or they said it could be less because they used a high field strength to take the pictures.
Anyway, I think I have damaged to a portion of my intestines next to my belly button  because I get inflammation.  I also had salmonella 2 years ago which is a bad bacteria from chicken which caused inflammation in my intestines and I was hospitalized.  Since then my gut has never been the same.
Now, my daughter had a baby shower and I had 5 drinks of pinio grigio (and I have pernicious anemia).  I didn't think I would get inflammation and now doctor said I have slightly elevated levels of Lipase which is 72 and I have pancreatitis.  
I feel trickling in my intestine tract, moaning where the pancreas is, when I eat I get burning in the abdomen (about 3 or 4 inches up from the belly) button while I eat.  I am on Ativan 0.5 in the morning and one at night and then Mirtazapine 15 mg only at night I take 1/2 a pill, so that is 7 mg.  Gastro doctor told me I have chemical gastritis and put me on Carafate 1 pill 3 times a day and told me to take famotidine 20 mg 2 times a day.  I have eliminated the Ativan 0.5 in the morning because I know you are not suppose to take meds while getting an attack but what can I do?  I don't know how long I cannot take the Ativan during the day because that would relax my neck muscles and allow me to function after the damage done to my lower neck.  
Can someone please tell me how to heal the pancreatitis?  I'm just eating chicken, fillet of sole, baked yam, baked potato, white rice, string beans, gluten-free cereal and can only drink water.  When I eat I get the burning and then after a while feel full.  I am starting to get pain in the upper left side of my back too.  I feel trickling like water going thru my intestinal tract.  Has anyone had this?  How long does this take to heal and what kind of diet should I be on and what has the doctor put you on for it?

Thank you,
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