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pancreatitis symptoms

This is not a question, but may be a helpful lead to those who are experiencing symptoms that sound like pancreatitis or at least, trouble with the pancreas.  From my experience, doctors tend to dismiss looking further into problems with the pancreas. I'm unsure WHY.  I was told that a CAT scan would find my problem, but it did not. Only when I was referred to a gastro doctor and he did an ERCP, was the problem with the pancreas found. I was born with  an abnormality of the pancreas called pancreas divisum.  I suffered over 2 years and made many trips to the ER, doctors, and was even hospitalized for testing. I was only given meds to help the pain. I was diagnosed with gastritis and IBS and was basically told there was nothing else to be done. BUT, upon a big attack (EXTREME pain and nausea) I went to the Urgent Care Center and the doctor there spotted it and I was sent the next day to a gastro doctor who did the ERCP.  DON'T give up!   KEEP PURSUING your symptoms!!

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Thanks for sharing.  What were your symptoms?
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