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This discussion is related to Is it possible to have gallstones after having the gallbladder removed?.

I am reading all of these comments and am so suprised at the variation in the things everyone has been told. I myself have been going through this pain. I just spent 6 days in the hospital with what they called panreatitis. I have the same pain it sounds like that ya'll have had. I had my gallbladder out in 1998 and have IBS and hyatial hernia and acid reflux. Now I am having to deal with this. I am also told that I am going to have to get the ERCP done because gallstones may be creating the problem. Also a big thing! CT Scans and MRI's do Not always show stones.Matter of fact they miss them more often than not. So when the Dr. wants to do the ERCP then they can determine wether it is stones or not. They do not like to do this procedure so close to having a pancreas attack because of the dye they use can make you flare up and become worse so they try to buy as much time as possible away from an attack. I have the pain back pretty bad again today so a little discouraged. I just thought I would write what I have learned to share with you all. I will let you know how it goes.
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Please make sure that the ERCP with done WITH a manometry component. Many facilities are unable to do it (docs aren't trained or they don't have the equipement), but it's a very necessary part of the procedure. If the ductal pressures aren't high, the sphincter at the opening of the common bile duct at the duodenum should NOT be cut. Many docs routinely cut that sphincter and if the pressures aren't high it can cause problems down the line. Please talk to your doc and find out if manometry is going to be part of that test.
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Thanks for the comment. I actually have to go to another gi specialist because mine doesn't do this procedure. He is sending me to a specialist he knows that is supposably very good at it. I am I don't know kind of worried because I am I guess more tired of this than anything. Ready to feel better. Have you had this procedure done?
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I have not had any condition that would require the procedure.
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my wife is dealing with the samething at this time an we just cant make her feel better.It seems if its just getting worst.she was in the hospital for 4 days and was released yesterday morning,The pancreas is nothing to play with i promise,my wife had all kinds of meds to relive the pain and nothing would help.So the gave her something to put her to sleep.we trying to figure out what to give her to eat that wont cause pain..
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