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Hello, I have had a few problems in the past 2 yrs. with my colon. I had been bleeding and they found out I have AVMs in the duradenum, in the tummy and they had been bleeding and lots from the rectum because of the
inside hemrroids.They burnt my AVMs and then I started to bleed again and this time she went south ,rectum,
and found I had a big 3in tubulovillous adenoma polyp. This was all in June. In Aug. they did a hemrroid staple.
She went back in Nov. to check this place where large polyp was and she said it was ok but found three small polyps and one was on the rectum. It came back fine. She went back Fri.Feb 6th and it was still ok. She found more polyps and one was on the rectum again. She says she wont go back for three yrs. Should I be worried about the polyps that I keep getting and could the bleeding from the rectum  been a sign of the polyps in the first place? Is three yrs to long to go back again and take a look when new polyps keep creeping up ever three months?????? My Mom died with colon cancer. Please let me know what you think!

                                                                        thanks alot,

                                                                         sister mtt
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