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post gallbladder diet

just had surgery fri Laparoscopic surgery removal of gallbladder wondering what types of food i can eat   thanks
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If your doctor cleared you for a regular diet, then eat what you like.  Since you're still healing, you don't want to throw a whole lot of food in one seating at your body too fast.  Think small meals but more often throughout the day and see how you do.  

It's also a good idea to start light.  Slowly add higher fat foods back to your diet as those tend to cause the most problems early on with nausea and diarrhea.  If you haven't yet experienced diarrhea issues since the surgery, chances are good that you won't have this problem that can happen to post-gallbladder surgery patients.  Just use your own common sense and monitor your reaction to certain foods.  Good nutrition is essential as you heal internally, so stay away from junk food.  Hope your recovery is fast and uneventful!  :-)
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do you think pasta,shrimp and mayo without sat fat would be ok     thanks
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