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post rectal prolapse surgery

Hi. 35yr. old white Asian healthy female. HX- RM-, and fibromyalgia. c-section, gallbladder removed, and rectal prolapse ABD surgery. Last year started diarrhea with loose stools, incontinence, blood. difficulty urinating. Had rectal prolapse surgery this yr on March 12, 2010. since, then still have severe diarrhea, blood,a pain in tail bone, incontinence. Recently this past week had second colonoscopy with no conclusive results. So therefore my Dr. ordered high fiber diet and miralax. I am a 35yr. old who has to were diapers and cannot go anywhere without taking an extra pair of clothes. My children are suffering due to mommy being on potty 10-12 times a day still for 35-55min @a time. Please any opinion would be So greatly Appreciated. I think there is more going on. i feel as thou this is not the way I should be living now. I could understand if I was an elderly. please HELP, and Have mercy and give me your thoughts. Thank you again and I Greatly Appreciate your time just for reading this!
Sincerely Jeannie
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