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post upper gastroscopy discomfort


I underwent an upper GI gastroscopy procedure on Friday so just a few days ago.

I opted for the spray only so was fully conscious and admit that there was quite a bit of gagging but did not experience any pain at all.

Since I was allowed to eat which was an hour after where I had a banana, I have experienced such pain when swallowing food, the pain isn't at the throat where my tonsils are it is much further down I would say in centre of chest. The pain seems to be in my esophagus and is really sharp as I can feel the food going down. It is also painful when I try to burp.

Is this normal and what can I do to aid the recovery of this?

No problems anywhere else.

Thanks for any help.
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You might want to try drinking mint tea as tea is an antiinflammatory.  Take small bites and chew thoroughly so you don't have large clumps pushing on the esophagus.  
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