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question, pls help ?

hello , ive been exsperancing some pains  right below my left rib cage at the bottem  its comes and goes and its been going on for 3 yrs now . at first i thought it was because of my fibroid tumors pushing everything upward. but since then ive had a hysterectomy and im still having those pains and all .i feel it in same spot but in my back also and on my left side. when i sit it feels worse. and ive noticed a lump or something just below my rib cage at first i was like oh its a floating rib . but i dont think that is the case . im wondering if it is possable it might be an enlarged spleen or maybe soemthing to do with my panceris . or maybe my kidney  ? all i know is its very uncomfy at times . and sometimes it stops me in my tracks . sometimes it sharp stabbing and others its a dull nagging pain . anyone else with same symptoms ? it almost feels like i wanna reach in an take what ever it is out and it would make it feel all better ! ive been to my doc and told him about it and he hasnt said anything . or even tested me  told me we will deal wit that later !
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FIND A NEW DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!  I cannot express this enough.  I lost a son and grandson due to bad docs, and now regret so much that I didn't do this.  Pain is a symptom, find another doctor and keep going until you find one who will take you seriously...Please?
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oh so sry to hear that . i know some doctors just like to get u in and then shove u out just as fast . not caring or taking the time to actually look at you . they did the same with my grandmother . kept brushing her off until one day she couldnt walk . then found out she had a tumor in her back and ended being bone cancer , she has past on since then. but ive told my doc and he kept telling me its just muscle and kept giving me naproxen . but i am seriously thinking of getting a new family doctor . its jsut the traveling can be a pain . also i went in having trouble breathing  told me it was copd but found out when i went to the e.r that it was a bad upper resptory infection. my family doc gave me like 3 differant inhalers and all and gave me the naproxen . and i finalyl went ot a pulmonary doc  he said nothing was wrong . so i left it at that . anyways thank you for the advice !
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is there anyone out there ???
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I'd go to another doctor or GI specialist..if you don't have insurance just ask friends or pick one in the phonebook and call around to see if you can get into the quickest one.... probably need some imaging of some kind to look at the spleen.  There's really only three things in that area..pancrease/spleen/colon or maaaaybe kidney...or left side of stomach...doubt it.

Sounds like pancrease or spleen though.  Do you drink?  That adds to pancrease problems.  Either way, I'd get to a doctor and get some blood tests done, pancrease enzyme levels, generic blood tests and a CT scan would help out a lot.  It would rule out the spleen.  I know I have a friend who doesn't remember even how she did it but she just had her spleen removed and it nearly ruptured so - I wouldn't waste time on it.  

(and I know about how doctors just want to move you in and out super quick..that's how it is with me..it's like moving cattle as fast as possible...more $$$ for them sadly, our health care in this country is all messed up...)
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rarely i drink , only when we have company or we go over someones house to hang out . i do smoke cigs, i rarelly take any meds of any sort dont like taking them lol . i just recently did lose around 20lbs with in 5 wks . (low carb)  . anyways someone told me that it possabley could be kidney stones , but i wouldnt think it would be going on now for 3 yrs would it ? like i said it comes and goes , but now its more constant than anything ! all i know is it hurts like heck when i sit and if i lean to the left , or my back leans agaisnt something . im about to jsut go to the e.r. with it  . and yes i have insurance its just i live in farm land where the good docs are about 45 mins to an hour in half away . my family doc is about 10-15 mins away . anyways thank you for your advice  but i do tend to go get a gastro doc.
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lol I like your user name..I agree i'm too young for this too!

yeah that sounds kidney stone.. a urine test would show some blood or white blood cells in your urine then they'll probably ask you to do a ct scan looking for stones..

if it's pancreatitis..i'd avoid alchohol until you figure out what's going on.. drinking brings it on and can really make you sore...i've heard some people getting pancreatitis and they don't even drink but if it's that and you're drinking that will just make it a billion times worse.

if it's spleen then a ct scan would help you out and figure that out quick.. that's something not to mess around with or sit around too long...

I'm not a doctor but this is what i'd do...

yeah i'd go into the ER if it gets really bad or visit with a GI...go easy on fats, no drinking and he'll probably want to test urine and blood.. and then tell him you went on a diet and maybe doing that diet you got a kidney stone maaaaybe stuck somewhere but you can't tell, or maybe you think spleen or pancreatitis..and he'll order all those tests and you should have answers real soon :)

Let us know what happens and what you find out i'm curious now :)
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Hello again matthew , as  you can see i posted another question, and i totally agree with you i am just as curious as you are too  on what the heck this is . because it seems like my doctor has no dang clue . except it might be a misplaced rib , i will be calling a gastro doc here soon . and just tell him everything . and can i ask ya this , my doc  has been prescribing me naproxen  for quiet some time now and i use to take it alot as he told me too , but i rarely take it now , do you think it might be from that? and what does he prescribe me again another bottle of naproxen lol but i didnt refill .
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yeah it's frustrating.. I think I might be gluten intolerance because I just learned through elimination I'm lactose intolerant now...

but in your case I had a friends who doesn't remember how she did it, but she went in for a ct scan and she was'nt really complaining about anything but fatigue..and they noticed on the ctscan her spleen on her left side was swollen and about to rupture (not to freak you out) so maybe a simple ct scan to double check that.. expensive but it could also look at your bone structure and see if there are any other problems but your spleen is located right there on your left rib.  You could google about your spleen and such..sometimes happens when people fall or lift something heavy..maybe something to ask the gi specialist.

But yeah good luck, glad you went to the doctor at least :)
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reason I bring the spleen up is that's really the only thing on the left side without having IBS issues.. that and the tail of the pancrease..there's a bunch of things it could be but left sided upper left abdomen i've heard usually is spleen.  *shrugs* but yeah good luck :S
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LOL thank you , the  reason for my s/n is a long story , but to make it short , well my  family doc a few yrs ago said i had COPD  , so i made this screenname and well i just stuck with it , but i dont have copd well at least i dont think so since my pulmanary doc said so . And yes its the same doc now . my D.O. DOC.  anyways thats the reason for the name ! lol
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