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question about fundoplication candidacy

I am scheduled for my NF on 7/15 but am having cold feet after reading some horrifying stories about side effects and complications experienced by people just like me.

I'm 38 and have suffered with GERD for half of my life. I've been on all sorts of PPIs and was even on the now-banned drugs Prepulsid and Zelnorm. I was diagnosed with Barrett's three years ago and functional dyspepsia. This year, during the manometry study, they showed some abnormality in my esophagus (but the dr. didn't think anything of it when I said I swallow fine) as well as a weak LES. I also suffer from IBS on the constipation side. I do ok on 80mg of Nexium per day.

I was told I'm a good candidate for the surgery, and it will supposedly even help my gastric emptying/indigestion/bloating/constipation, but I really need assurances from someone else that my list of disorders will not expose me to complications from having the fundo. Please help!!!
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