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rectal pressure

causes for rectal pressure?

I've have a healthy history- no ongoing physical complaints.  No medications.  I've had a hemmorrhoid near the opening of my rectum for years, usually doesn't bother me.  Last 10 days, I've experienced rectal pressure.  If I use a PREPARATION H SUPPOSITORY before bed, first thing in the morning there is an approxiately 2 oz. bloody rectal discharge which looks similar to menstrual blood and tissue.  The pressure is temporarily relieved until later in the day.

No health insurance, so I won't be getting a series of tests.  Any suggestions?

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Hi, I also have been suffering from the same symptoms. I did pretty research on this and think you might want to have a look at this link.

Thank you,
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Oops,sorry correct link is
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Sorry for the really late reply. I hope that you no longer have the problem. But if you do may be I can help. I have been suffering from the problems for more than 7 years now. I gave up looking for the solution 3 years ago. But recently I could not take it anymore. So I gave it a try one more time. I came to the US this year and consulted a doctor here. I have undergone a test called defecography and diagnosed with Anismus. It means the puborectalis sling is contracting  when it is supposed to be relaxing. It is a weird condition and tough to treat. Please reply me with what is happening with you.

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