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After every meal i regurgitate, i would feel a pain in my chest and after a short while my food will come up, not like vomit, but a few at a time until all the discomfort goes. I went to a doctor my blood test was normal my upper GI had a mild acid reflux he put me on nexium 40mg a day but the pain is still there and my food still comes up. He said that everything is normal, but i wonder, because your food coming up is not normal. Is it my mind ? i don't know i was 135Ibs, but know i'm 119Ibs. I can feel my body is not the same and sometimes i feel painful.

Can anyone help me?

This discussion is related to Acid Reflux - Severe esophagus pain when eating/drinking.
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He said that everything is normal, but i wonder, because your food coming up is not normal. Is it my mind ?
Sorry to hear this is happening to you. Definitely go for another opinion! For this doctor to tell you everything is normal, I just don't understand him at all. You shouldn't have to go through this and be told everything is normal. How can a doctor tell someone that!

I wish I knew what it could possibly be, but I don't, but I would continue to look for a doctor that would be able to find out. I also would check out about gallbladder - even though the pain might not be in that area.

I hope you find out soon. And btw, I remember reading a post by another member and she was throwing up even without eating anything and never knew when these attacks would happen. She had to always take a towel with her when she left the house just incase she was out and got sick. The doctors said there was nothing wrong! I just sit and shake my head when I read some of this stuff and even some things I have been told by the many consults I have had.  

I hope you find answers and feel better soon. Sorry I wasn't of any help but just wanted to tell you I am sorry to hear you are going through this.

Take care,
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