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right side pain

I have been experiencing pain in my right side at the bottom of my rib cage for the past several months. The pain gets worse after I eat certain foods, and worse when I am sitting down or lying on the right side.  When I am sitting it feels like something is squeezing my rib cage very tightly. The pain sometimes radiates to my back and up to my shoulder blade. When I lay on my back I sometimes feel a squeezing, contracting,sensation.  The pain is almost always present it just varies in severity.
After first experiencing the pain for several days, i woke in the night with extreme burning pain. My stomach felt tight and full.  No position could ease the pain.  I eventually vomited a bile like substance and had a low temp of 100.  My doctor said I should go to the ER . They did a CT scan and found that I had a partial small bowel obstruction.  At this point the pain moved to the center of my stomach, around my belly button.  The pain was severe contracting pains.  I spent two days in the hospital on I.V's and liquid diet.  It took about 4 days after until I regained my strength.  But, the right side pain never went away.
Since then I have had a colonoscopy, a lower abdomen/bowel C.T with contrast, an upper abdomen ultrasound and so far have no answers.  I went to a G.I specialist and he really thought it was from the gallbladder ,but the ultrasound shows no stones.
All of this has taken place over a three month period and I am getting so tired of living with this pain daily.
He indicated That he would like to do an upper G.I. to look for ulcers, but I have had an ulcer before and this feels nothing like it!! It is under my ribs and not in my stomach!! I just feel like it would be a waste of time and money.  I really feel that it has something to do with my gallbladder. I feel like just telling him to take it out anyway, but with everything I read about post gallbladder removal pain, I'm kinda nervous about it!!
I just want to go back to normal life without daily pain!
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I was experiencing the same symptoms and just yesterday was diagnosed with IBS.
Its painful the pain goes all around my waist and back up to my shoulderblades. Hoping the med works cause somedays the pain is awful.
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It's possible you could be experiencing problems with spasms of the common bile duct or sphincter of Oddi, the opening of the common bile duct & pancreas into the duodenum. When you had blood work done, were any of your liver or pancreatic enzyme levels elevated? Has the doc suggested you try a course of anti-spasm meds that are sometimes tried for biliary spasms to see in they're of help? Have you tried switching to a low fat diet to see if it's of help.
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I have a swollen common bile duct, had my gall bladder removed years ago.  I have the same horrible pain in my back/side. If my bile duct is causing this how can I treat it?  
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