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right sided pain below ribs

I have been having right sided pain just below my ribs now for about 9 months. The pain is excruciating which has recently landed me in the emergency room.......finally after 6 hours of morphine the pain subsided enough that I could go home. While in the e.r. they ran blood tests (which were normal) , did a CT Scan which showed a mass on the left side 7cm by 9cm but my right side appeared normal. They also did a UA which was normal.....I went to my family doctor and she did a transvaginal ultrasound of my ovaries....I am frustrated as I told her the pain was much higher than my ovaries (ovaries were normal by the way). The pain comes and goes I may go 3 days without it or 3 weeks, but when it hits it is horrible. It also radiates to the center of my back.....PLEASE HELP....I don't know what could be causing this and either does my family doc.
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Did they say if the mass was on an organ etc?  Could it be your pancreas?  I would see a GI doc not a OB and get them to go over the CT scan.  They could also order a hida scan to rule out gallbladder issues.
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What is being done/said about the mass on the left side?  Could it be possible that pain is being referred from the mass area to the right side.

I experience several forms of referred pain and have to try to decypher what is the actual source of the pain - TMJ is a big one for that, but then I also have a dislocated rib that refers pain to the area you are experiencing pain.

You might want to talk to your dr about a gal bladder work up just in case.  See if they will start with an abdominal ultra sound. You might need a GI series with upper bowl follow through.  Not really fun, but there are far worse things (like the transvaginal ultrasound - I have had 3 and YUCK!!!).

Have they checked for a bowel obstruction?

I hope you find some real answers soon.
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