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rotten egg / sulfuric burps!

This discussion is related to Sulphuric/ Eggy burps and stomach cramps.

hello.  Ocationally I have rotten egg burps.  Especially a lot in the past couple of days!... at first I thought I might have a gluten allergy, but i can eat products with gluten in them, like bread, but ramen (oodles of noodles) and regular pasta I have problems with.  Then I thought it was meat but a garlicy hamburger (which was my testing meat product) resulted in my feeling better. So I started to think maybe garlic or onions were the factor that would prevent my tummy from rebelling and so far that has worked. The symptoms are basically evil burps and tummy pain, no diahrehha ever has come with it yet.  There were some articles that said it might be because of water that has been contaminated, where other sites support my gluten allergy theory.  I have no idea what the problem might be, but I have saw that there were thousands of people who had very similar problems and after a complete GI series nothing, CT scans nothing, numerous blood tests and nothing! this seems to be a mystery problem.  I myself have had elevated liver functions in a blood tests but everythign else I've been tested for has come back normal. any thoughts?
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Sulphur tasting burps can come from a couple of different things, one of which you mentioned - possible problems with a gallbladder. It can also come from being infected with the H. pylori bacterium, and they can also result from problems that are happening in the esophagus.

If you have elevated liver enzymes, what does your doc plan on doing to try to find out what's going on?
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Garlic is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Perhaps you have an infection. H. pylori or some other bacteria, Candida or some other fungus or perhaps something else entirely.

You might need a second opinion and if that doesn't help, another opinion from an alternative practitioner who believes that Candida problems exist (which they do).

Good luck.
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I have been suffering from the eggy burps ever since i was a very small child but as the years have gone on they have became more and more frequent resulting about 90% of the time in violent vomiting. For ages I have been researching it online only to discover there are many people suffering all with their own theories and many people having gone to the doctors with no results as to what is causing it. My doctor has came to the conclusion that its migraines, but without the headache, Or stomach migraines as some people refer to them as, I have since researched stomach migraines and found every symptom fits perfectly. Unfortunately they can't be cured but he has prescribed me with stematil, an anti-sickness tablet that works wonders every time. Once the burps start if I take a tablet they tend to stop between 30 mins and an hour later, before the vomiting starts. I just have to make sure I always have them on me. :)

Hope this helps
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I have been having these rotten egg burps in the past year or so. They don't occur frequently but when they do happen i have severe bloating and nausea until whatever is in my stomach has been completely emptied out. My doctor tested me for Giardia and parasites and it came back negative, and I had an ultrasound done as she suspected it was my gallbladder, but the results showed no stones present. I'm frustrated because now daily I find myself bloated and extremely tired and my ribcage is extremely sensitive to touch on the right side. Now just this week i have had bloody stools, and I wonder if somehow it is all related or a completely seperate issue? If anyone has any ideas please let me know that would be fantastic.
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I've got that same problem!
I used to think it was only related to food that I ate, and would keep a food journal.  Well, while I think food can still play a role, I'm pretty sure stress also contributes.
I've been to doctors for it, but they've never been any help.  Neither has any sort of antacid or abdominal pain medicine.  I usually just have to 'wait it out'
But waiting it out has become worse, so, I've been doing things to try and stop it.
I've found the only way to get rid of it is to vomit as soon as I feel that sulfur feeling in my stomach.  This will either alleviate it completely, or at least make the episode less painful.
I've tried cutting gluten out of my life, that didn't really work.
I don't think it's a parasite, because it's been years, and from what I understand of those articles the parasite wouldn't last that long.
Have you read any of Jody's posts on the old forum?  I was just going over them and was wondering about what she said about soda and low iron.  I was diagnosed with anemia around the same time that I started getting these sulfur burps.  I had a hard time absorbing iron, it took years and two transfusions to get me back to normal levels.  I think because of my soda intake.  Since iron is important for helping your body handle stress, I think I am going to cut soda out of my life and see if that helps me.  Maybe it will b/c of a placebo effect.  Anything to make this horrible feeling go away!
I'll let you know if it does help, I'm sure there is more to it, but anything to help.
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I, along with several co-workers had many, if not all of the symptoms that have been discussed in this forum. It turned out to be either Giardia or some sort of amoebas. The most common symptoms were sulfur burps and watery and yellow stool. We were all working in a refugee camp in Africa so this kind of illness was not uncommon for visitors from the west. The doctors there recognized it for what it was and treated us immediately. We all recovered within a week.

Giardia does exist in the US but it isn't common enough for doctors to consider it immediately. Tests for Giardia can come back false positive. We weren't tested, but we all took the same drug and got better. It might be worth investigating treatment for Giardia before looking into more serious conditions.  
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