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rotten egg / sulfuric burps!

This discussion is related to Sulphuric/ Eggy burps and stomach cramps.

hello.  Ocationally I have rotten egg burps.  Especially a lot in the past couple of days!... at first I thought I might have a gluten allergy, but i can eat products with gluten in them, like bread, but ramen (oodles of noodles) and regular pasta I have problems with.  Then I thought it was meat but a garlicy hamburger (which was my testing meat product) resulted in my feeling better. So I started to think maybe garlic or onions were the factor that would prevent my tummy from rebelling and so far that has worked. The symptoms are basically evil burps and tummy pain, no diahrehha ever has come with it yet.  There were some articles that said it might be because of water that has been contaminated, where other sites support my gluten allergy theory.  I have no idea what the problem might be, but I have saw that there were thousands of people who had very similar problems and after a complete GI series nothing, CT scans nothing, numerous blood tests and nothing! this seems to be a mystery problem.  I myself have had elevated liver functions in a blood tests but everythign else I've been tested for has come back normal. any thoughts?
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Sulphur tasting burps can come from a couple of different things, one of which you mentioned - possible problems with a gallbladder. It can also come from being infected with the H. pylori bacterium, and they can also result from problems that are happening in the esophagus.

If you have elevated liver enzymes, what does your doc plan on doing to try to find out what's going on?
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Garlic is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Perhaps you have an infection. H. pylori or some other bacteria, Candida or some other fungus or perhaps something else entirely.

You might need a second opinion and if that doesn't help, another opinion from an alternative practitioner who believes that Candida problems exist (which they do).

Good luck.
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I have been suffering from the eggy burps ever since i was a very small child but as the years have gone on they have became more and more frequent resulting about 90% of the time in violent vomiting. For ages I have been researching it online only to discover there are many people suffering all with their own theories and many people having gone to the doctors with no results as to what is causing it. My doctor has came to the conclusion that its migraines, but without the headache, Or stomach migraines as some people refer to them as, I have since researched stomach migraines and found every symptom fits perfectly. Unfortunately they can't be cured but he has prescribed me with stematil, an anti-sickness tablet that works wonders every time. Once the burps start if I take a tablet they tend to stop between 30 mins and an hour later, before the vomiting starts. I just have to make sure I always have them on me. :)

Hope this helps
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I have been having these rotten egg burps in the past year or so. They don't occur frequently but when they do happen i have severe bloating and nausea until whatever is in my stomach has been completely emptied out. My doctor tested me for Giardia and parasites and it came back negative, and I had an ultrasound done as she suspected it was my gallbladder, but the results showed no stones present. I'm frustrated because now daily I find myself bloated and extremely tired and my ribcage is extremely sensitive to touch on the right side. Now just this week i have had bloody stools, and I wonder if somehow it is all related or a completely seperate issue? If anyone has any ideas please let me know that would be fantastic.
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I've got that same problem!
I used to think it was only related to food that I ate, and would keep a food journal.  Well, while I think food can still play a role, I'm pretty sure stress also contributes.
I've been to doctors for it, but they've never been any help.  Neither has any sort of antacid or abdominal pain medicine.  I usually just have to 'wait it out'
But waiting it out has become worse, so, I've been doing things to try and stop it.
I've found the only way to get rid of it is to vomit as soon as I feel that sulfur feeling in my stomach.  This will either alleviate it completely, or at least make the episode less painful.
I've tried cutting gluten out of my life, that didn't really work.
I don't think it's a parasite, because it's been years, and from what I understand of those articles the parasite wouldn't last that long.
Have you read any of Jody's posts on the old forum?  I was just going over them and was wondering about what she said about soda and low iron.  I was diagnosed with anemia around the same time that I started getting these sulfur burps.  I had a hard time absorbing iron, it took years and two transfusions to get me back to normal levels.  I think because of my soda intake.  Since iron is important for helping your body handle stress, I think I am going to cut soda out of my life and see if that helps me.  Maybe it will b/c of a placebo effect.  Anything to make this horrible feeling go away!
I'll let you know if it does help, I'm sure there is more to it, but anything to help.
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I, along with several co-workers had many, if not all of the symptoms that have been discussed in this forum. It turned out to be either Giardia or some sort of amoebas. The most common symptoms were sulfur burps and watery and yellow stool. We were all working in a refugee camp in Africa so this kind of illness was not uncommon for visitors from the west. The doctors there recognized it for what it was and treated us immediately. We all recovered within a week.

Giardia does exist in the US but it isn't common enough for doctors to consider it immediately. Tests for Giardia can come back false positive. We weren't tested, but we all took the same drug and got better. It might be worth investigating treatment for Giardia before looking into more serious conditions.  
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Ive had all those same symptoms! Actually ive had them about 8 yrs. Finally found a gastro doc who took me seriously and had an endoscopy and had evidence of celiac sprue..a gluten-intolerance! I removed ALL gluten from my diet..wheat , barley, oats (it is in everything)...within a few weeks i felt so much better. And now, a year later, my liver enzymes are all back to normal..my iron levels are normal. I think it was the gluten all along. Most people with gluten sensitivities dont handle dairy well either. Oh, and my blood tests for celiac were negative but the biopsy WAS positive and that is the definitive test. Even if u dont want the endoscopy..just remove gluten out of your diet completely for several weeks and see how u feel. It takes a while to heal your gut. Certainly cant hurt!
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i had eggy burps and I'd be devastated to know that the next 24 hours I'd be in the bathroom with severe vomiting and diarrhea. I ended up in the emergency room for dehydration once. I suffered for 2 years :(
Had all the tests and an endo- with no results.

I couldn't pinpoint any certain food or foodgroup. The sickness would usually happen within 24 hours of eating at a restaurant- salads, Mexican, anything.
Finally, read online that cilantro can cause problems with digestion. I tried cutting it. Careful to check if ANYTHING has cilantro when I order at a restaurant (or corriander, the powder from the cilantro plant seed). I've been totally well for a year now. I always said if I found out what it is, I'd tell everyone on these forums...because I sat on these forums so frustrated, hopeless and sick in the past.
Its very possible you are intolerant of a certain herb or food. your body will reject it until its completely out of your system. Be careful what you eat. (btw, Chipotle has cilantro in their rice). Hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!
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ps. I've also cut most sodas. trying to stay away from caffeine. Good Luck. I pray you find out what it is soon. Only we understand how horrible this condition is. I don't think Dr.'s understand...
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I just found this forum because I was searching for this problem.  I had it when I was about 15...about 20 years ago.  Turns out, my sulphur burps were caused by an intestinal blockage, like others have mentioned.  I didn't have a bowel movement for quite some time when this happened.

My mom took me to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics.  They didn't really help though...eventually, I threw up enough that I think I finally dislodged and expelled whatever was stuck in my intestine and I've been fine ever since...well, save for the Habba Syndrome now.  Not sure what to do about that...not even sure it's related.  Probably not.

Anyway, so if you have the nasty, foul suphur burps, see your doc about intestinal obstruction.
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I've been living with these burps all my life.  I don't recall exactly when they started, but I know I was in elementary.  I remember standing in the corner of the class hoping no one would smell me.  I've never experienced nausea or vomiting, just burping and gas and the natural discomfort and embarrassment that accompanies it.  Neither have I ever experience itching or rash associated with allergy.  Regardless, I've had it off and on all my life, not experiencing it for years and then recently more frequently.

I've always had stomach problems and was apparently constantly complaining of them as a child.  My mother always suspected a food allergy, particularly dairy.  She was always trying to suggest this to doctors who I believe would basically tell her to ignore my symptoms.  When you're a child doctors don't take, "My tummy hurts," very seriously!

Most recently I've noticed that I get egg burps immediately after eating eggs.  I also have heartburn whenever I eat goat cheese and I believe I have a sensitivity to dairy.  Yesterday was Easter - hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs - burps, pain.  

My burps got worse all through the day.  As the day progressed the burps tasted less like their source (deviled eggs with onion - bad enough) and became decidedly more foul.  By the time I was desperately ready to sleep it was all but lost to me.  I started to experience extreme burning in my neck and shoulders, extending down my arms.  It was impossible to sleep.  About 5 this morning I got online, looking up egg allergies, lactose intolerance, etc.  I took some Pepto and a pain reliever that have helped a lot, 'bout ready to go back to sleep.

For me I think my symptoms are definitely related to food, as I'm sure they are for many people, although the problem food may vary.  I can see how stress would contribute.  I'm only 23 and I'm concerned that whatever the cause these gastrointestinal problems could cause ulcers, etc. down the road.

- tired Amy
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I've suffered from stinky burps for years, usually every 6 months.  I finally found a solution, hope it helps someone else out there.  The problem is too much bad bacteria in your stomach and intestines, and not enough good bacteria.  Eating sugars just feeds it and make it worse.  Now I can make it go away within 2 hours. I take several Standard Process brand Gastrex, and Lactobacillus acidophilus capsules, and it goes away.  I also eat yogurt.  If I'm hungry I'll eat chicken soup.
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I only seem to get eggy burps if I eat too much too late at night and I believe, that for me, it is simply due to my stomach not being able to digest the amount of food that I've eaten that late at night, thus the food is merely 'sitting' in my stomach and obviously with this there will be gasses, resulting in eggy burps  - although I dont get stomach cramps or vomiting, I may have soft stools when I eventually go to the toilet the next day. However, I have done some reading up on the symptoms and many of you seem to have them far worse than me, thus it seems to make perfect sense that many of you may be suffering from 'Giardia lamblia' (you can find useful information on this if you go to Wikipedia as Im sure you will find much helpful information if you google it) - Giardia lamblia seems to be the perfect solution especially where its re-occuring so take a look at the environment you work in, especially where you work with children were it could result from poor hygiene habits, or maybe its your water system??  Who knows. Either way, from reading this forum I hadnt noticed anyone else mention this possible cause, thus I thought I would and I hope that it may be of use to someone. Good luck xx
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Wow,  I am suffering now for 3 - 4 days and just decided to try to google my problems.  I have these awful egg burps, I have nausea but don't dare throw up until it has to come out.  I hate throwing up!  It first started with just hiatal hernia discomfort that I thought came from too many situps and then diarrhea,  then bloating and then severe gas pains into my back.  These few days have sucked and I still have 3 kids and a house to take care of.  No calling out sick for me!  Anyway,  I kind of hope this goes away in the next day or so.  I took Gas-x and that worked - slowly though.  I took pepto, helped the burps a little and i took imodium and that eventually stopped the runs.  I just don't feel like going for another endoscopy.  

I just say 'whatever' to this stomach ****!!!
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This is the first time I thought to google the "rotten-egg" problem.  I'm surprised to find I'm not the only person who has it.  Many of the people who've posted about this have some kind of GERD, as I do also.  I have delayed stomach emptying and take Prevacid.  I had these rotten-egg burps on several occasions over the last few years.  They lasted a couple of days and were accompanied by diarrhea.  I would avoid any foods that could worsen the diarrhea and the problem would clear up.  I assumed it was some viral process.  However I have now had the burping on a daily basis for a couple of months.  I notice there's also a lot of gas but no diarrhea.  I'm not sure what to do now. I thought it could be lactose intolerance, but a lot of the other posts on this topic don't seem to support that.  I haven't noticed any special connection to certain foods. Any suggestions?.
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Huh, a community of people with the same crappy symptoms...  I'm sorry to see you all here too.  I'm experiencing the "eggy burps," some cramping and severe diarrhea right now.  

Last October was the first time I can remember ever really dealing with this.  I think I had them every now and then as a kid.  I called them sulfuric burps then.  It was my wife who I thought coined the "eggy burp" description.  She had them not too long ago while pregnant with our son.  Zantac 75 worked wonders for her.  Lucky duck.  Anyway, I was up all night, cramping and extremely bloated while constantly dropping eggy burps.  I was so uncomfortable.  The pain was excruciating, probably the worst stomach cramping I've ever experienced.  I couldn't lie down, stand or walk around for too long at a time.  When I did sleep, it was while on the toilet.  I thought for sure that I had a really bad stomach bug.  I contemplated vomiting to relieve the bloating and nausea, which was pretty much from the burps.  They helped me make that decision pretty quickly.  But that turned out to be a huge mistake.  I couldn't stop vomiting after that.  So I went to the emergency room.  They gave me IV fluids for three hours along with something for the cramps and nausea.  I wish I knew what they were.  I need to look into it.  So I woke up on the hospital bed feeling like a million bucks.  Again, I thought I had a bug that had passed.  

I believe this is the third bout for me.  Last Sunday was the second time.  I had all the symptoms, except for vomiting, for about a day.  Others around me had been sick with a stomach bug, including my daughter.  So again I chalked it up to that.  But I couldn't figure out why I had the eggy burps again.  I thought they had something to do with worrying about getting my kids sick with a new bug from the people at work.  And man, I hate watching my kids get sick.  The night before I got sick, my daughter vomited six times throughout the night.  It literally made me want to cry.  My daughter just turned two and my son is roughly four months old BTW.    

Well, it started again late last night.  Earlier I had eaten some pretty spicy pizza and later I had some chinese food.  In hindsight, I should've eaten at home.  LOL.  It's a heck of a lot healthier to do so, but I was on the run.  So today I took it easy and for the most part, felt fine later in the day.  But then I had to deal with a pretty stressful situation and in a hurry, had some of that leftover pizza.  Shortly thereafter, the eggy burps started again and eventually the diarrhea hit me big time.  I took some Kaopectate and later some homeopathic gas relief tablets, figuring they'd work like last week.  But I now think that was a coincidence as they haven't seemed to work too well for me today.  

Apparently this is no bug.  Well my pharmacist thinks it's H. pylori or a reaction to my metformin tablets.  I'm a Type II diabetic at age 34.  Stupid me.  I used to go all day without eating, surviving on a snack here and there and drinking 2-3 liters of soda daily.  Then I'd eat late at night before sleeping.  The constant overload of sugar took it's toll on my system and now I've got to deal.  It's my own fault.

I too think this "condition" is stress related.  But I don't know how to thwart it from happening.  My wife thinks it's an ulcer.  As a kid, my doctor told my mother that I had a bleeding ulcer.  But I don't remember them ever running any tests on me.  I was simply given Maalox and told to "relax kid."  Anyway, I'm getting all sorts of advice from friends and family.  A couple are in the medical field and my father in-law is a doctor... well an animal doctor. ;o)  I think I'm going to try eating some yogurt before going to bed.  I took a Prilosec tablet for the first time earlier tonight.  But it's too early to count that out.  I'm really at my wits end with this.  Everyone seems to think I should try eating yogurt on a daily basis and start a week long regimen of Prilosec and anti-biotics to see if it's H. pylori.  Any other suggestions?



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Wow, I didn't think that there would be this many people with the same problems. I've also been having the nasty egg burps as well as cramping and diarrhea. Also from what I've seen, no one knows how to get rid of them. But after reading all the comments it seems that the episodes only last for a few days while mine have been going on for a couple weeks with no relief. My symptoms don't seem to be as bad as everyone else's but I'm getting a little worried that mine are lasting so long... Is this serious? Should I go see a doctor?

- Rachael
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I joined this same club years ago. I have always found PEPTO, yes, the pink stuff to work well. Avoid eating, drink water and stay away from sugar which promotes it more. Any food actually increases the problem unless you take pepto first.
With all of you here for the same reason I don't understand why we can't find the answer. I mentioned to my internist last Thursday (as she is a new doc for me) about this and when I said one burp could clear a room...all she did was laugh. She told me it wasn't a gastral issue...........excuse me.........I believe we must hit a certain dollar amount to get the correct answer.
I hope some day for all our sakes we find a cure!

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I have a history of foul smelling "egg burps", a physical condition directly related to a singular activity, (the cause & effect relationship is impossible to ignore).  If I were to live the next 20 years without engaging in this particular activity, I am quite certain that I would suffer not one "egg burp" and conversely, should I engage this particular activity 20 times over the next 20 years, I am certain that the "egg burps" would result, without fail, 100% of the time, for each of the 20 times.  There is nothing random or mysterious about the etiology of my ailment.  For me, the problem is not in finding ways to avoid the "egg burps" (I know how to do that), it is in finding ways to overcome them, allow me to explain:
Each time I attempt to withdraw from methamphetamine use, I undergo some fairly typical symptoms; Fatigue/exhaustion, depression, constipation, headache and erectile dysfunction.  The one symptom that is not so typical is the sulfuric smelling "egg burps".  Were it not for this particular symptom, I might be able to get this monkey off my back but I find it almost impossible to function in any capacity once the "egg burps" arrive.  The condition usually occurs a day or two after the debilitating onset of the more obvious symptoms:  Exhaustion, Depression etc.  The condition can be cured, usually within 12 hours, by the ingestion of methamphetamine and so the vicious cycle.  I need help.  Thank you
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Listen, I don't want to scare anyone, but Please make sure any of you w/ these sulpher burps and bloating have yourselves checked out THOROUGHLY by your dr. Don't take any complacent attitudes w/ this- you deserve a full and detailed explanation for what you are going through. If your dr can't provide you w/ a solid diagnosis, or doesn't seem to take your concerns seriously, find another Dr... It's your life, literally, that this could save. We found this out the hard way. You have to be your own best advocate. My husband suffered these same symptoms from 13- 45 yrs of age- never could figure out the cause of his episodes, and last year was diagnosed w/ abdominal cancer (appendix being the origin). His blood tests and ct scans were always clean, but when I had to bring him into the ER,during one of his "sulpher burping" episodes that was also accompanied by very severe pain, they opened him up and found he was full of cancer. He had been describing his symptoms- bloating , pain and sulpher burps to his Drs for YEARS- they always said he just had indigestion, maybe he was developing IBS...Wrong!!  This will not be the case for everyone, I'm sure, but please don't discount the possibility that something serious could be developing. Hope this saves someone else some grief.    Julie
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i just googled this cause i've been having these egg burps which i now know are called sulfur burps for a few years now on and off. by on and off i mean maybe once every 1-2 months for a few days. Over the past 4 years, every 2 years i've landed in the hospital, for extreme abdominal cramps, uncontrolable vomiting like every 30 min, the runs, cold sweats.

the first time i was in the hospital for 4 weeks and they tested me for what seemed like everything, and put me on pain meds which STILL didn't take away the stomach cramps nor stop the throwing up. once i stopped vomitting and started having normal bowel movements they discharged me for "extreme abdominal cramps" and put me on bentyl. which did help a little. I was only 24 at the time.

so 2 years later at age 26 the extreme abdominal cramps started again (while still having sulfur burps every few months for several days at a time), out of the blue, only this time i started vomitting so much i wasn't having ANY bowel movements. i was vomitting for 7 days and no BM and my doctor thought i just had a stomach virus. it got so bad i called 911 for an ambulance for me cause i could barely walk after not eatting for a week and on the clock 30 min throwing up. after that stint in the hospital i was there for 7 1/2 weeks. Actually they DISCHARGED ME after a week STILL IN PAIN and having all the same symptons. not even 24 hours later i was back in an ambulance cause i almost past out. i was checked back in for 6 1/2 more weeks and again test after test. but i NEVER had them mention this Giardia i keep hearing about on multiple sites i've searched.

now it's only been 1 year since that last hospital stay. i was finally released that time with still abdominal cramps but they weren't as bad as they were before, and my BM's were normal cause they had me on medication for that and other things. so basicaly they had no answers and i had a trematic almost 2 months in a hospital and 1 week before i went in.

I'm very scared that now every 2 years i'm going to go through this, almost likethis parasite, if that is what it is, is on a clock or that jsut happens to be when it decides to act up. because of lack of insurance i haven't been seeing any doctors since i left the hospital. i finally got approved for medicaid in nj (cause of my daughter primarily) and after reading what this COULD be i'm definately going to be making an appt with my primary and hopefully he takes me serious and does the proper testing or referrals.

thanks for all the information people have given, it's been very helpful. i've told my story only because maybe someone else can relate to it. to doctors basically thinking you're faking it, that's the attitude i got at the hospital, especially the 2nd time around. i had a past with opiate addiction and was on a suboxone detox program for over a year. so i think they thought i just wanted pain meds, i didn't want any pain meds at first but it was so terrible i broke down. after the 2nd time i left in pain still and stayed on pain meds for a few months and went right back into suboxone detox.

i've been completely sober for 1 full year,i had 1 relapse after i went into suboxone detox after the 2nd hospital stint. and i'm 1 month away from being off the suboxone. YAY!!  so anyway i actually went to a 2nd hospital to get a second opinion but they just got the records from the first hospital and treated me the same way. so i went home and lived in pain for months.

this is obviously a common sympton of several different things, and could be alot of things. but maybe if you have a past of any gastro issues, or acid reflux/GERD, or really any stomach/abdominal problems, i am now a believer you need to mention these sulfur burps when seeing yoru doctor. cause i never mentioned them, i thought it was just something i was eatting.

i've rambled enough, if anyone would like to contact me in reference to this, i have set up an email for it, ***@****. no that's not my name at all, just a random name i set up for this use only in case someone wanted to discuss this privately.

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THat was alot of useful info thanks. but ive been having a persistant problem for about 6 days now and it started when i ate ice cream and milk. I got the sulfer burps and gas and anytime i eat something my stomach gets hard and distended 3 times its size.! I look and feel pregnant from the presssure of the gas building up in my stomach. I had my gallbladder out in 2005 and im ok with lactose in moderation otherwise it gives me a stomach ache but ive never had these terrible burps or the passing of this awful gas. Can you suggest what it is? I was diagnosed with IBS in 2005 and GERD in 2006 but ive never had a problem with the sulfer!
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I too have had the same issues with egg burps and eventual vomiting.  I have had it off and on since a child and I am now 42 years old.  I began to realize that the problem happened for me each and every time after eating pork tenderloin; typically around holiday celebrations (my wife would get so mad as I would get sick every holiday and could not be around the family).  

Whenever I would thow up after getting the burps, I noticed that there was food that was not digested (pork for me).  So now I avoid pork all together and have had no problems since.  Fortunately there are lots of alternatives to pork.

I spoke to my doctor about it and he indicated that it made sense since our bodies have to have certain enzymes to be able to break down certain types of foods.  It just so happens that I must not have the enzyme to be able to break down pork.  Beef and other meats are no problem for me.

Suffice it to say, whenever your body realizes that it cannot break down the food and pass it into the digestive track, it has no option but to throw it up (for me after about 24 hours).  It's like there is a clamp down on the outlet of the stomach that won't let undigested food pass.  However during the process, the food sits in your stomach trying to be digested and results in the rotten smelling burps and bloating.

I have no idea how to get the missing enzyme back, just pinpointing what foods you cannot digest is the battle.  Good luck.

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I can't believe I found people with MY problem. I started having the rotten egg burps, vomiting =, diareah, and severe stomache cramps when I was around 10yrs old. My pediatrician diagnosed me with a duidinal ulcer when I was 12. He gave me a script for Perigoric (a very fowl liquid med) to take when I would have an episode. This happenened to me all my life until I had my gallbladder removed when I was 40. I have not had an attack since. I hope this helps someone out there. I was once on a date when this started and was so embarrased and frightened I would start throwing up before it was over. Alls my date could say is man were is that rotten egg smell coming from. I said I have no idea. It was horrible to grow up with this. Good Luck to All.
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