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severe GAS

i m suffering from severe stomach gas problem.The gas level so much increases that many times it becomes difficult to breath.Even a small amount of spices(chilly) in food causes gas in few minits & belching starts.
Please suggest which tests should i do? & the way to cure this problem?
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dazy401, I too am experiencing the same problem. Maybe we can shed some light on eachother's situation. Here's how mine started and where I am today. BTW, I have no history of any health problems.

Out of the blue 2 wks ago, I started getting bloated and short of breath. It continued until it got worse 3 days later when I started to panic because I couldn't breath without taking a deep breath every few seconds. Chest X-Ray, EKG and D-Dimer tests all came back negative. They gave me Adavan to calm me down until I burped to the point when I could breath without taking too many deep breaths. One week later, I am still with the same symptoms. Every day is the same, burping all day and huge discomfort. I wake up every morning feeling somewhat okay and breathing well. But I think that's because I'm lying down and the pressure in my stomach is not pushing directly on my diaphram. When I'm up and around, I start to feel the pressure migrate up to my diaphram and thus causing the shortness of breath. As the day goes on, I build up more and more gas. It's really bad because I work sitting down.

I'm scheduled to see my PCP this week to discuss treating my stomach and to do a stress test. All the over the counter meds haven't worked for me, including Tums, Prilosec OTC, Pepsid AC, Gas-X, stool softeners. One more reason why I know it's my stomach and not my lungs/heart... I took a laxitive to purposely flush out my bowels and I could breath very normally immediately after going to the bathroom. I did it to prove a point to myself that I wasn't going crazy. The doc that gave me the Adavan in the ER made me feel like it was psychogenic (in my head). All the Adavan did was calm me down enough to slow down my breathing so I could concentrate on burping.

I will keep you posted as to what my PCP says this week.
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I have had stomach problemsfor years. My biggest enemy is coffee followed by any acidic food. I only get relief from prevacid. all the others do not help me. Try eating an apple very morning to alkaline your bod and sip the coffee. see if it helps.
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