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severe stomach pain after alcohol

hi i had my gallbladder removed 6 years ago since then i have suffered everyday with severe diarrhea so i was put on codeine and it worked an gave me my life back.......
13 days ago i came off codeine i wanted to see if i could manage without it etc....
well i ended up in the er with severe stomach pain 12 days ago (they said ibs) i know its not ibs and never has been then last night i had 3 glasses of wine and the pain started again it got so bad that i started vomiting and was about to go back to the er and it went !!
i dont get what this pain is ive hd gallstones like i said 6 years ago and the pain was exactly the same just under the middle my ribs and going through to my back....
does any know wht this could be ?? could it have been the alcohol?? could it belike this all the time without codeine??
iwill add in 13 days ive had to take 100 immodium (loperamide) just to get my diarrhea to stop and im definatly not constipated its hardly touching me thats why ive had so many .
am i just shooting myself in the foot coming off the codeine ,ive had no problems like this since being on them but as soon as im off them i get this pain
hope someone can help
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