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severe weight loss after gall bladder removal

my 20 yr old grandson has dropped too much weight after his gall bladder surgery. He cannot eat very many things without getting sick and having stomach pain. He works every day but at 5ft 9in tall his weight is down to 120 and I am worried for him. It seems that bread really makes him ill but it does not, if he toasts it. No amount of fattening foods cause him to gain weight.  Please advise me. Thank you

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Many people have a large amount of problems trying to digest the fatty foods they ate before the surgery, since the body doesn't seem to be able to digest fats the way they did before. It can be helpful to maintain a low fat diet.

If your grandson is having problems when he eats bread or bread-like products (toasted or not- anything containing wheat, rye, barley, malt), you may want to suggest he get tested for celiac disease.
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