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sharp abdominal pains all over!

hi there. im 21 years old, female and i am not sure how much i weight but im assuming close to 300lbs if not actually there and i have been losing weight slowly. anyways for the past two days i have been having extremely painful sharp pains that started around my belly button area but now im having the on the sides as well. they come and go randomly it seems like and i cant find a pattern to them. on a pain scale from 1-10 they are usually the same around a 7 or and 8. i only get them one at a time thankfully but when i get them on my sides they are around my hip. i kind of feel gaseous and bloaty but the first day i was having these pains it wasn't like that so im not sure if there is a connection. i have been drinking more water and eating healthier and exercising since i started losing weight. i been taking some vitamins so i should be feeling healthier overall. i can't go to the doctor because of lack of insurance but if i suspect its really serious i will give in and go. i just need some advice on what i should do its worrying me because the pains are becoming more frequent too! please help!
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  The pains you are having could be related to the gas and bloating you have been having.  There are many dietary things that can cause gas such as lactose, beans, onions, etc.  However if the pains are that severe and they are becoming more frequent, I would highly recommend seeing a doctor about this.
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