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should I remove the Gallbladder

i was told I had gallstone about 3 yrs ago, they found them accidently while doing another test.  i decided to not have it removed, eventhough my primary care suggested i remove it.  i spoke to my gastro about it and he said if it is not bothering you then leave it.  i have slight pain at times, i have always had digestive issues, bloating, gas, going to the bathroom a lot.  i recently went back to my gastro about chronic diaherra (sp) and he suggested i remove the BG says my problems are bcuz the GB is not working at it full potential.  I am scheduled for sugery on the 10th of this month but I am still not convinced the GB is my problem.  i hear so many people have issues after the BG is removed so if it is not going to solve my problems, only add to them why do it?  I am so confused...do I wait until i have an attack or do it while I am insured, young enough to have surgery without complications from age??
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I suppose it's really a decision that you have to make for yourself taking the advice of your doctor into account.

I am currently having gallbladder issues. I had stones diagnosed about 3 years ago. At the time my doctor said that I should leave them alone if they were not bothering me. I used to get occassional mild pains after eating too much or eating cabbage in particular. About 12 months ago I started getting digestive issues - reflux and gas. Then I started to get some bowel issues. A number of weeks ago I got a full on gallbaddder attack. I can assure you that you don't want one!!! I went to my doctor . Took a week to get an appointment - in pain the whole time. Doctor confirmed gallbladder and referred me to specialist. Waited 3 weeks to get appointment with specialist. He confirmed gallbladder disease and put me on a waiting list for surgery. Could be up to 6 months. Apparently my stones are not blocking my ducts and I don't have anything life threatening. Just huge constant extreme pain. Diet doesn't help.

If I had known how this would end and I could have stopped this earlier, I would not be suffering so much today.
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you path sounds similar to mine, minus the attack.  I am calling my gastro again today.  i want to know at what percentage my GB is working at.  i joined WW about 3 weeks ago and since this time, my digestive issues have decreased.
its all very overwhelming!  i thank you for your response and sharing your story with me.  good luck with your surgery and hope your feeling better soon.
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Having your gall bladder out is definately not a perfect solution; however it could be a better solution than doing nothing at all. There are some websites that boast their drinks and diets will help dissolve the stones and heal the gall bladder with out surgery. My stones had already begun to move out of my gall bladder and damage my pancreas and biliary duct. I had to have my gall bladder out immediately as those stones can wreak havoc in your body. I had had gall bladder problems three yrs. prior and didn't do much about it as I didn't want to have my gall bladder out either. Now I am paying for it and have been hospitalized three times with pancreatitis because of my gallstones.

Just weigh out the pros and cons and find out from your DR the size of your stones and if they could be mobile.
Good luck!
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I am scheduled for surgery Tuesday the 10th I was still not sure about it until I spoke to my gastro today.  I told him he needed him to convince me it has to come out, he did.  He mentioned all the things you both mention.  He said eventhough I am not having problems or at least pain he said having a gall bladder packed with stones is not good on your other surrounding organs, it could cause damage.  and if I do have an attack, not good as you both know.

Thank you both...wish me luck!!
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I will say a prayer for you and your surgery on the 10th. I hope it all goes well. I have heard stories of people waking up and feeling incredible. That unfortunately wasn't the case with me, but majority of the times it is an easy surgery with little recovery.

Good Luck and God Bless!
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I was having the same dilemma as you. Nothing but questions and more question. I only found out I had gallstones ( and even don't know how many or what kind) in the ER.  I was put on the strict diet...and trust me I have been following to a T.  But of course the doctor recommends surgery..they always do.  But this is tough for me.  I would rather not have it but have been struggling back and forth.  Of course I know I have them, but I am going in for 2nd opinion with my doctor to see if surgery is the only way.  I would rather keep all my organs.  You start having 1 surgery and leads to the next.  Also was is quite disturbing, is all the posts and on the net, of people who have surgery and have tons of other problems after. Basically if it isn't one thing it is another.  I am waiting, but I am sure that if I have another attack..I will run like a baby to the ER again.  I don't have fever, have never vomited and really never felt nausea, nor any inflammation or swelling.  But time will tell, and when I get to my doctor I shall see what she has to say.  

Wishing you the best of luck for your surgery and speedy recovery.  Please keep us posted and let us know.  
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