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side effects of colonoscopy

I had  a routine colonoscopy 7 weeks ago. 2 polys were removed and they were fine. I was sore after the colonoscopy and very bloated but it has not gone away. Yesterday I ran a low grade fever and had waves of very intense pains all over my stomach.  Today I still have stomach pains but no fever.
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I'm surprised you were sore, so I think a visit to your general family doctor would be a good idea, to make sure you weren't injured or don't have an infection.  

But as far as the bloating and stomach pain, it is possible gas is causing this.  See, the prep you did before the procedure clears out the bowel, so when you begin eating again, there's only air in there, and it can become trapped, which causes pain.  Also, sometimes the bowels can get "shocked" by the exam, and thus slow down.  Therefore, you might want to eat in such as a way as to make your bowels move more smoothly, thus allowing the gas to expel more easily.

I usually try natural ways to resolve indigestion.  Plenty of water, and slowly introduce more fiber into the diet by way of whole wheat toast, oat cereal like cheerios, and salad.  Spagetti is a quite watery food, so are melons.  On your cereal, pour Acidophilus milk, which helps break down food.  Also on your cereal, sprinkle some blueberries on top.  Add some easy walks in the evening around the block, for exercise, which causes all body systems to work better and induces relaxation.
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how long does the pain from a colonoscopy normally last for?
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Normally, there isn't any pain.
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Post colonoscopy problems
by Ted174

Tags: distension, post colonoscopy, pressure, diagnosis, Dysbiosis
2 days later my abdomin started to distend. Within 2 weeks I went from 34" waist to 42" and lost 12 lbs. Have severe pressure in belly and diaphragm. Hard to breathe. Had ultrasound, full blood labs, x-rays and EGD. Still no diagnosis! What's wrong with me? Could it be Dysbiosis? And what would be the remedy? It's like my life has been taken away. I have no energy and am in pain.
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